December 5, 2022

Heightened checks on TRNC

Animal Import/Exports


By Kim Betts…….
KAR Pet Travel……..

Many of you local readers may not be aware that the entry regulations for pets entering the TRNC were recently changed. As a result there is no longer a need for quarantine (state or home) for pets entering the TRNC PROVIDING they meet the entry criteria AND their paperwork is correct.

Whilst this is, on the whole, a positive move for KAR Pet Travelresponsible pet owners it can however cause problems if the Export originating country/Import paperwork, on arrival, is missing or incorrect.

Under the “old” system the pet could go into state quarantine whilst the problem was resolved. Now there is no longer that safety net and the only option is for the entry officials to refuse entry and the pet will be returned to its originating Country.

It is not the responsible pet owner that this tightening is aimed at – but irresponsible owners who ignore the TRNC entry requirements and try to bring animals in without the correct rabies and vaccination criteria and paperwork. The entry rules are designed to help protect  and avoid the risk of the spread of rabies here in the TRNC.  It is a big concern that, for example, if a cat/dog has entered the TRNC illegally then there is no known rabies control/check on that animal. That animal could have come from a rabies risk area – it could then put ALL cats and dogs here at risk.

Reports have been coming in that this new measure (pets being refused entry) has indeed been Ercan Airporthappening following security tightening at entry points in the TRNC. The ONLY  legal entry points for pet animals are Ercan Airport, Famagusta Port, Kyrenia New Harbour and, with prior agreement, Metehan crossing.

In line with this, the information that we have received, is that there has/will also be increased checks and tightening of all exit points  from the TRNC. The TRNC (and other Countries) is being strongly encouraged, by the EU, to clamp down on the illegal exportation of pets. The EU/UK has very stringent entry laws for pets entering the EU/UK.  Again, as per the TRNC regulations, these are aimed at reducing the spread of disease – in particular Rabies – from other Countries. It is imperative that animals from here only enter the EU/UK once they have undergone the rabies process and waited the required time period and complied with any other criteria.

Just imagine if that “cat/dog” (referred to above) was then relocated illegally again – but this time to the EU/UK and was carrying rabies. Just imagine if someone was to illegally take a cat/dog out of the TRNC and was caught as part of the security tightening measures. – what would happen to the cat/dog ?

There is NO need to relocate pets illegally from the TRNC – for some breeds the travel may create its own issues but these can be overcome – and the EU/UK rules apply equally across the board to all cats and dogs leaving the TRNC.Dog Happy

These increased security checks undoubtedly will not affect the responsible owners who are relocating their pets according to the rules – but they could for those who are trying to avoid the rules.

Do not unwillingly put your, or any, pet in jeopardy  – the risks for your pet are very high. The risks for the spread of disease, especially rabies, are equally as high.

Please,  if you are Importing or Exporting your pet, speak to us about the requirements – stick to the rules – please do not be advised by anyone that to do otherwise is “OK”.  It is not “OK” and the TRNC, EU/UK are aware that it is happening and are doing everything they can to stop it.



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