Ken’s 70th Birthday Bash at Almond Holiday Village

Ken’s 70th Birthday Bash

at Almond Holiday Village


By Margaret Sheard…..

Ken Hibbitt, Manager of All Stars Promotion Agency (ASAP) had his 70th birthday on the 9th September but his actual birthday celebration was held on the 10th September at Almond Holiday Village, where 15 friends joined him to celebrate this milestone birthday.Fred and Sue Roberts

We knew most of the people joining Ken, and while we were waiting to go to our table I got chatting with a couple from Turkey, Fred and Sue Roberts, who had come over from Didim not only to celebrate Ken’s 70th birthday, but also their own 50th wedding anniversary.   They retired to Turkey in 2009 and of course knew Ken well from when he lived in Didim.  Fred and Sue decided to come to North Cyprus for a holiday and celebration and were staying at Almond Holiday Village while they were here.

Christine and dancers

We had a long table alongside the pool which was a lovely setting and before long we were treated to entertainment by Christine who sang in her inimitable style some of everyone’s favourite soul and motown music.   Christine likes to chat with the guests in between sets and gets feedback as well as getting to know people.  She has a brilliant voice and I am sure everyone enjoyed listening to her as well as the energetic people who took to the dance floor.

We also chatted with another couple who are going to be married Ken's Cakenext year and their wedding will be at Almond Holiday Village, something they are both really looking forward to.

We had a lovely meal of mezes, followed by meat or fish and then fresh fruit arrived.  During the evening a cake made its entrance, for one of the Almond guests also celebrating a birthday, to strains of Happy Birthday and after our meal another cake arrived with a towering inferno on top so more Happy Birthday To You was sung for Ken.

This was a really enjoyable evening spent with friends and acquaintances in a lovely setting with excellent food and service organised by the Aşik family who always give that little extra to ensure their guests and visitors are well looked after and enjoy their time at Almond Holiday Village.

the Aşik family

There are more photographs of Ken’s birthday bash in the slideshow below.


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