December 8, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête


Hatice Salih Kerimgil

By Engin Dervişağa…….

For this Vox Pop show I went with my camera team to the village of Cinarli to meet with Hatice Salih Kerimgil whose family originates from the village.Engin and Hatice next to the ancient tree of Cinarli image

We then went with Hatice to the Incirli Cave which is a natural cave within a Gypsum hill near the village of Cinarli, and is the largest cave on the island. It has a hundred metre long passage which contains an amazing collection of stalactites and stalagmites. The Incirli Cave takes its name from the fig tree nearby whose fruit is said to have healing powers.

We also visited the famous ancient tree near the village of Cinarli and this is a very large Calabrina Pine (Pinus Brutia) and is said to be around 300 years old.

You can watch this fascinating show from the village of Cinarli on this week’s Vox Pop programme on BRTHD/BRT1/ Live on Tuesday 8th of September at 14.00pm, click here and repeats of this show will be shown as the schedule below.

VOX POP broadcast schedule

Channel Tuesday Wednesday Sunday
BRT1 14.00pm  14.15pm
BRTHD 14.00pm 14.15pm
BRT2 11.00am

If you wish you can also watch a number of my past Vox Pop shows which can be selected for viewing by clicking here

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