December 5, 2022

By Margaret Sheard……..;

On Tuesday 1st September we went along to Karaoğlanoğlu to join a large crowd of people for the opening of the new office of the Dağlı Sigorta Group of Companies.  There were many familiar faces present, including Fikri Toros who later gave a speech in Turkish and English on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.  There were 3 generations of the Dağlı family as well as Trevor and Mary Hughes who have worked with the company for over 4 years and have been instrumental in promoting the excellent services of Dağlı Sigorta to the expatriate community.


Trevor opened the proceedings with a speech of welcome and an insight into the company and his speech is shown below:-

Welcome to all our special guests here today.

We are all here to celebrate our latest addition to the Dağlı Sigorta Group of Companies.

I would like to introduce some of the Directors of the Company.  Mr Ufuk Dagli, Mr Ersan Dagli and the founder member of the Company Mr Mustafa Dagli. who has seen his Company grow and grow over all these years. I would also like to introduce Novber Dagli, the eldest daughter of Ufuk Dagli whose idea it was to open up a branch in the Kyrenia area which has become the largest of our outlets in the group.

Dagli family and Fikri Toros

The need for us to open the Karaoğlanoğlu office is due to unprecedented demand for our insurance products. Making our decision to open this office was one of our easiest to make!

This outlet came from humble beginnings some four and a half years ago. Manning a stall at the Lambousa Saturday market, which goes to prove that success, comes from marketing your products in places where people meet, working long, long hours and being on call 24/7 when the need arises!

Trevor Hughes and Novber Dagli

                             Trevor Hughes                                         Novber Dağlı

Although some other providers have tried this form of promotion and failed, persistence proves our decision was the right one.

We now have a modern, light and welcoming office in which members of the public can come and discuss their insurance requirements and enjoy the experience with pleasant, helpful staff and be refreshed with a delicious cup or two of coffee.

Our reputation in the industry here in the TRNC is second to none and already enjoys one of the most favourable comments. This is in an industry where companies, all too often have a history of not always meeting their obligation when a claim is made.

So where do we go from here?

  1. To keep and maintain our level of growth.
  2. To seek new and inventive insurance products.
  3. To be one step ahead of our competitors.
  4. To seek additional offices making our outlets as convenient to the public as possible.

So now I am privileged to hand over the official honour of declaring Dağlı Sigorta Karaoğlanoğlu as open and ready for business.Ersan Dagli - Fikri Toros

There then followed speeches by members of the Dağlı family and also Fikri Toros who expressed the importance of local businesses moving forward with their method of operation in the TRNC especially with the current negotiations which are being conducted for a settlement and a united island.

There were a huge amount of plants gracing the front of the office which had been sent as congratulations from various organisations and waiters and waitresses offering the guests drinks and canapés which just kept appearing throughout the evening.

Novber Dagli - Trevor and Mary Hughes

The office itself is very tastefully decorated with an antique theme with lovely features such as old Cypriot doors on the rear wall and an old gramophone complete with vinyl records.  A very nice working environment for the staff and visitors to the office.  The office will be open for business 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on Saturdays.  Trevor will also still be available at the Lambousa Saturday Market every week.

We wish Dağlı Sigorta and also Trevor and Mary every success.

To see Dağlı Sigorta’s promotional leaflet click here



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