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Trevor’s Tips – September 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……

Electronic Electric Meters

When you have your new digital electric meter fitted by Kibtek, they will be able to invoice you for payment for electricity used on your phone. They will not tolerate large electricity bills not being paid. KIBTEKIf you miss one month and the following month’s bill goes unpaid, they will cut your supply off until the unpaid bill has been settled. There is a small charge to reconnect you!! [Don’t ask me if this applies to Government offices, large businesses, or hotels, we all know the answer to that!!!!!!!!!!!]

Once your new meter has been fitted, you must register your details with Kibtek by either going to their office in Girne or by sending your details via an SMS message to 9898. The information they require from you is as follows:

  • Kimlik /ID        Passport number
  • Hesap No    Account Number [from one of your old electricity bills]
  • Sayac No    Meter Number  ( from one of your old electricity bills)
  • Ad              Address
  • Soyadi        Name
  • E- Mail        E-mail Address

Bank Accounts

If you and your partner/husband/wife own a bank account which requires both signatures for banking transactions, and one of the persons passes away, you will not be able to draw any money from the account until probate is completed. This could lead to all sorts of problems.

You may want to consider having your account[s] changed where transactions can be made on a single signature basis to avoid this happening to you!!

Vehicle Log BooksTRNC Vehicle Log Book

The fees for adding a name or having your new car registered in your name have been increased. All financial transactions now carry KDV at a rate of 6.5%. The new fees are: up to five years old 356TL, between 5 and 10 years old 213TL and over 10 years old, now 144TL.

Bayram holidays

Bayram holidays for the month of September are Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, and Sunday 27th.

Banks, Government and local Government offices will be closed and some shops and services may be closed during this period of holiday.

Dağli Sigorta Offices

As a result of unprecedented growth over the last four [4] and a half years, the Company has opened new offices in Karaoĝlanoĝlu to cope with demand for its insurance products.

The offices are modern, tastefully furnished and aDagli Sigorta image smlre at the centre of customer convenience.

Why not pop in and see what the Company can offer and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and discuss your requirements with their friendly staff, many local readers may already know several members of the team?

The offices are located on the sea side of the main road from Lapta to Girne, opposite the local post office and next to MUTLU motor electrical specialists.

Villa Break-in’s

Last week there were four break-ins in the Alsancak area. Thieves smashed windows to gain entry and attempt to steal property.

Dağli Sigorta needed to attend to one of the break-ins to process one of the claims.

A broken double glazed window was replaced, Burglar Billa new front door lock fitted, a security lock fitted to a patio door and several shutters replaced, all within 24 hours.

Now that’s service for you. The property managing agent could hardly believe how quickly Dağli Sigorta swung into action to resolve the matter and make the villa secure.

Having the need to go to the Lapta police station for a customer who was involved in a road traffic accident, the perpetrator of the villa crimes had been apprehended and was in custody.

He looked a little worse for wear perhaps, due to a little encouragement and was in for a little more interrogation. Well done Lapta police.

Late Night Chemist Rota

Due to the late publication of the rota, we will be publishing this as soon as it is received.

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