May 31, 2023

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The Flame of Motivation

By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward…..

Michael and Viola

Being + Doing + Achieving = Success


Accepting one’s uniqueness. Self-knowledge and the personal awareness of being in a process of constant change.


Working with purpose and focus. Making use of the goodness in oneself and in one’s environment as a vehicle to continuous development.



Connect with one’s dreams, setting goals, carrying out precise actions that are in line with your planning and moving smoothly through the changes.


Integrating values into actions, having a holistic view of life, keeping balance and the principle of consultation with the self and others.

(from Viola’s book, Breathing the Rhythm of Success)

Question:  For a long time now, I can’t feel the energy of life that you are talking about in your articles. Actually, I am not sure if I have ever felt it… I think that there is nothing or no one that motivates me to feel it…

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your feeling with us.
We think the concept that “somebody else” should or could motivate us is the link with the confusion here. For us, motivation is an INTERNAL impulse. It belongs to us as a part of life itself.Flame

All the way through our lives, from the first breathe we take, it flickers like a flame there inside us, giving us the heat and the energy that we need to do or undo.

Of course external situations, or various people in our lives can influence us, they could brighten or diminish that flame, but if we remember that the flame is ours and belongs to us, we will find the necessary impulse to do… where there is breathe there is life and where there is life there are possibilities… sometimes, it only takes just one step of motivation to reconnect with life when we manage to ask for external opinion and professional support.

Conscious Breathing

Breathing in a conscious and connected way,

Is voyaging in the realm of being beyond words,

Singing the sounds of the universe

With the voice of the soul.


Breathing in a conscious connected way

Is dancing with the self, listening to the song of the spirit.

It is the recognition that life itself is a gift

With different sounds and rhythms,

Some of them we love immediately,

Others are more complicated to accept at first.


If we keep breathing, thinking and acting

In a conscious and connected way,

We will reach the most precious gift of life,

The Acceptance and the Joy of What Is.

Viola July 2001

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About Viola & Michael

Viola came to Cyprus from Venezuela in 2002 to join Michael who was born on the Island and returned from France in 1999. Viola and Michael are both trained therapists in Breathwork and they founded Kayana Ltd in 2003. Viola specialises in Relationship Coaching, Business Consulting and Colour and Image. Michael has an Engineering background and specialises in Massage and Watsu.


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