TRNC News Today 15th August 2015 – President Akinci evaluates first 100 days

TRNC News Today 12th August 2015

President Akıncı evaluates first 100 days

President Mustafa Akıncı evaluated his first 100 days performance at a press conference today.

The conference, named “First 100 days of Presidency” took place at the conference hall of Merit Hotel in Lefkosa.

Talking about the Cyprus problem thoroughly, President Akıncı stated that he had 7 leaders’ meetings with the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades after taking office. Akıncı said that the negotiators are also conducting talks with the Technical Committees on the property issue and the EU.

Akinci evaluates first 100 days

Akıncı stated that there is considerable progress on administration and power sharing, however, no discussion on maps, percentages and the names of villages have taken place at the negotiating table. Akıncı said there are, however, some names circulating in the Greek Cypriot press.

President Akıncı said: “Maps, percentages and names of villages have not been negotiated yet. We all know what type of problems could occur if we start negotiating these issues when the time is not right.”

Stating that the issue of guarantees, which is one of the 6 topics in the negotiations, will also be discussed when the right time comes, Akıncı said that the Guarantee Agreements are an international issue involving five parties. President Mustafa Akıncı said that he does not have a magic wand to accelerate the process, however they have a strong will and determination. Stating that the Greek Cypriots have been changing their mentality as well, Akıncı said: “If we continue with the same determination, then I believe a solution to the problem could be found within the next months”. Pointing out that there will be a parliamentary election in South Cyprus on May 2016, Akıncı said: “if we do not succeed in achieving a serious development that will bring results up to May, things will drag on.”

“October, November and December will be extremely important months”

Mentioning what will happen next in the negotiation process, Akıncı said that both leaders agreed to come together again on 1 September and 14 September. Pointing out that the negotiators and the Technical Committees will continue meeting intensively in August as well, Akıncı stated that he will come together with the UN Secretary General in New York, where the UN General Assembly will be held as well. Akıncı said: “I predict that the months of October, November and December will be extremely important, therefore there will be a clearer picture of where we are headed.”

Referring to the natural gas reserves on the coasts of Cyprus, Akıncı pointed out that available gas reserves are not enough for export. Akıncı stated that the most rational way would be to export via Turkey if more reserves will be discovered.  Noting that the water from Turkey is an incentive for the solution Akıncı said that having a federal solution on the island would be a good example while the countries were falling apart in the region.


Referring to the work on the minefields Akıncı said Landminesthat any risk factor has not been seen on the 25 of the 28 probable minefields; one of the three risky parcels is in the military district and the other two are wired.

Akıncı said that the electrical connection between the two sides has been technically performed, a trial run has been done and the parties can provide electricity to each other in case of need.

NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwideAkıncı said that the end point on the mobile phones issue has been reached and added that the current situation in this issue is not acceptable.

Stating that political decisions are made for the opening of Lefke Aplıç and Derinya check-points, Akıncı pointed out that opening of a check-point needs a series of studies that’s why it can take a long time.

“The registration of Hellim will be concluded in 6 months”

President Mustafa Akıncı touched upon the issue Hellimof hellim and stated that the product is decided to be registered as “Hallumi” and “Hellim”.

Akıncı said that registration will also increase the export, because producing of the Hellim will be prohibited in other countries and said “The registration procedure will probably be concluded after 6 months.”

“We are welcomed in Turkey with a desire for a rapid solution”

Akıncı mentioned about his visits  abroad and said that they received the attention they expected during his visits. He added that he was welcomed in Turkey with a desire for a rapid solution.

The President noted that despite the crisis in Greece, he found the chance to meet with EU’s high level authorities during his visit to Brussels in June.

Stating that the first 100 days passed were very busy however the evaluation of this should be made by the people, Akıncı said: “in 100 days, we have done things that could not have been done in years before”

FM Çolak receives guests

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak received representatives from Girne American University and guests who are in the TRNC as part of their work for the “International Investment Summit”.

Emine Colak receives guests

Speaking at the reception, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that there would be new developments in diplomacy, economics and external relations as a settlement is reached on the island. Çolak also stated that Turkish Cypriots have been isolated up until now. Stating that Turkish Cypriots are bound to wait for a settlement to be reached, Çolak said she sees the summit as a beginning for embracing the world as they will meet with international businessmen. Çolak said, even though there are some problems at the Ministry as well, they are ready to help with their highly experienced team, which is composed of experts in diplomacy, economics, and the EU.

Nami meets Çavuşoğlu in Ankara

It is reported that Özdil Nami, who has realized contacts in Ankara, met with the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

Nami meets Çavuşoğlu in Ankara

According to Anadolu Agency’s news report, which is based on diplomatic resources, Nami, who is on a “business visit” to Ankara, was received by Minister Çavuşoğlu after meeting with the Turkish Foreign Ministry undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu. It is also reported that they exchanged views on the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus at the meeting. Çavuşoğlu reiterated Turkey’s full support for the negotiation process in Cyprus.

Sucuoğlu continues contacts in Turkey

Faiz Sucuoğlu,  Minister of Tourism, came together with Murat Ersoy, Chairman of Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD), and the board members in İstanbul as part of his contacts in Turkey.  Sucuoğlu, who held a meeting about investments in North Cyprus with TYD authorities, exchanged views with investors. At the meeting, it was discussed that the most important sectors in the economy of Northern Cyprus are the education sector and tourism sector. It was also decided that a long-term Tourism Master Plan and Implementation Assistance Program are needed to evaluate the implementation and the present policies so that the tourism sector will continue to develop.

Sucuoğlu continues contacts in Turkey

At the meeting, they discussed launching regional development projects and sectorial master plans, and developing a vision of “Green Island North Cyprus” so that the TRNC can be “globally-recognized” and become a “trademark” in a way.

Eide to visit Ankara for consultations

It is reported that Espen Barth Eide, Special Advisor of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus, is going to visit Ankara to have consultations on the Cyprus problem. According to a news report by the Greek Cypriot daily Alithia, items on Eide’s Ankara agenda are issues that concern Turkey and the issues on which the UN wants to know Turkey’s opinion, such as guarantee formulas.

Espen Barth Eide

According to the report, a source from the UN pointed out that the positive and constructive atmosphere between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots are making things come to fruition. The report also indicates that the resumption of negotiations will be an important step forward and that there has been good progress on works at the negotiators’ level.

EU Information Centre will organize activities

EU Information Centre will organize activities with the cooperation of the European Commission Cyprus Representation within the framework of the celebration of International Youth Day, August 12th. According to the statement from the EU Information Centre, the activities which will be held in August aim to bring up the youth issues and the EU-funded opportunities for young people in the Turkish Cypriot community.

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