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Trevor’s Tips – August 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……

Vehicle number plates

You may have noticed that it is possible to purchase 3D effect registration number plates for your car. These plates have raised numbers and letters in black and 3d number platesglued on to a clear plastic base, shaped around your registration numbers and letters.

The Police Authorities frown on this design as the clear backing of the numbers can have a fuzzy effect on speed camera lenses.

If you have this style of registration plate, you may be asked by the police to remove them and have a more traditional set of plates fitted. Or alternatively, have the numbers and letters made from solid black plastic which is more acceptable to the Police Authorities.


A customer of Dagli Sigorta suffered a burglary a few days ago. The “low life” who perpetrated this crime stole credit cards, money, jewellery and passports. The police were called to the scene of the crime, but as yet not apprehended the culprit!! The thief got into thBurglar Bille safe by hitting it with a hammer which disturbs the small release spring in the door allowing the locking mechanism to open the door. These small safes are not high security and only act as a deterrent, that’s why insurance companies will not insure contents kept inside them.

If you either lose or have your passport[s] stolen, you will need to apply for a replacement[s] via the appropriate web site and inform the British High Commission in Lefkosa. If the stolen passport[s] is/are found, you must inform the British High Commission immediately!

If you are in the Temporary Resident system, once you have received the new passport[s] you must go down to the Immigration Department in Lefkosa for a new Temporary Residence stamp. Do not leave it until your renewal time is nigh as this could cause problems for you.

NTV Television

Our signal for NTV Television became inoperable a couple of weeks ago. They recommended an engineer to us who could supply us with a Mag 250 Box which was IT Solutionsprobably the cause of the problem. On contacting him via a telephone call, he came to our house and quickly analysed the fault.

He supplied us with a replacement Mag 250 box, which incidentally was cheaper than anywhere else and proceeded to link our bedroom TV and connected it to the NTV network. This service only cost us 80 TL.

He is a trained engineer who once worked for NTV, so he seems to know what he’s talking about.

His other range of services include:

  • Bringing your computer back to life.
  • Solutions to all your IT problems.
  • Fitting WI FI into every corner of your home, without the use of cables or smart phones.
  • Wireless printer set-up, surveillance cameras, professional website design, software design, data recovery, and mother board issues.
  • He also buys and sells new and used laptops, or smart phones and spare parts. He will also build a tower system for you based on your own specific requirements.

His is extremely professional, courteous and speaks excellent English. He can be contacted without obligation on 0542 872 4620.

Bracey Builders

Dagli Sigorta has negotiated a 15% discount on all work carried out by Bracey Buildersthis builder. This Company undertakes work for Dagli Sigorta claims and has proved very satisfactory. This is a genuine discount and your receipt for work done will definitely record this discount!!

For more information visit their website by clicking here,

UK Driving Licence

If you, or your visitors need to hire a car and you/they have left said UK UK Driving licencedriving licence back in the UK, make sure you hire a vehicle from a reputable Car Hire Company. The Company you choose will make contact with the DVLA and obtain a copy of the driving licence. The DVLA office will make a small charge for this service via a credit/debit card, but should not be more than £5.00, good value for money me thinks!!

Bayram Holidays

The only day this month for a Bayram holiday is Sunday 30th August 2015.

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