June 25, 2022

Northern Cyprus and Just One Look

on a night out

By Chris Elliott…….

It’s getting hotter and more humid and it’s hard to concentrate during the day and want to do anything. This malaise seems to be affecting everyone and  the traffic in Kyrenia seems to have eased up despite the ongoing road works with the laying of the much needed water pipes that will link to the Getçiköy  Dam and water treatment plant.

There seems to be less and less people in the cafes and bars during the days. Are they here or just hiding away from the heat of the day?Blazing Sun

At night throughout the week the same pattern seems to be emerging with many restaurants and bars laying on entertainment to it seems reducing numbers of diners.

So what is the problem are there too many restaurants and bars for those that want to visit them. Are the prices too high and can restaurants re-jig their menus to offer something different. I have been to restaurant and have a 2 course meal and the following night I could go back to the same restaurant and pay the same price for the same meal when an entertainer is performing?

Let’s face it it’s getting so hot now and a lot of folk just don’t want to eat big meals but just Waterdrink and keep cool. Now I am not advocating the increase in alcohol consumption but whatever your choice of drink be it alcohol of soft drinks this is perhaps more welcome with light snacks and if those cute restaurant and bar owners realised this they could feed you a steady supply of inexpensive snacks that make you want to drink more.

How many folk when they  go out for a nice meal just like to sit and have this without music and just talk with their loved ones and friends and there are plenty of places where  you can just do that.

Clearly restaurant owners could be looking at those that seem to be more successful at this time and want more people to give him Just One Look and I would like to leave you with this thought and the sounds of the Hollies singing this great song and hope in the future the current difficulties will be overcome..


2 thoughts on “Northern Cyprus and Just One Look on a night out

  1. Personally, when we go out with friends to a restaurant it is to eat and converse so we avoid places where, sorry, so called entertainment is provided. Plus as you drive around or read bulletins it is the same performers across the country night after night. So as a permanent resident entertainment at a restaurant/café/bar is to be avoided.

    Other thing is the abundance of places serving the same sort of food. It is like many of the shops that open because there appears to be a good business in a nearby establishment so lets open the same. Consequently the existing shop/bar etc suffers and the newcomer, unless exceptional soon closes again. For this reason we generally avoid newly opened places only going if it is obvious they have smoothed out all their teething problems or indeed they have already closed.

    Finally I rarely recommend any establishment, simply because what I think was good food and service may not be the next persons idea of the same or as too often happens the chef has moved on and a new one serves different food or worse cannot actually cook.

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