June 27, 2022

Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS)

Presentation to KAR and SOS

By Margaret Sheard….

The Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) are celebrating their KADS colour logo40th anniversary this year and continue to entertain the public with their superb productions at the Girne Cultural Centre theatre.  All of the profits from their performances are donated to 2 charities – Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) and SOS Children’s Village.

Stephen Everett, Beverley Westbrook, Don Attwood, Sirin Damdelen, Ahmet Akarsu

KADS are so grateful for the support of the Girne Belediyesi and so they wished to thank the Mayor, Nidai Güngördü for his ongoing support in allowing KADS to use the lovely theatre at the Cultural Centre which is opposite the Police Station in Girne and a presentation was arranged in the Mayor’s Office in Girne.

Margaret Ray, Chairman of KAR attended for her charity and also present on behalf of SOS Children’s Village were Ahmet Akarsu – Programme Manager and Şirin Damdelen who is responsible for Stephen Everett (KADS) speech to Mayorfund raising.   The KADS members were Stephen Everett – Chairman, Beverley Westbrook – Secretary and Don Attwood – Treasurer.

KADS Chairman, Stephen Everett, thanked the Mayor for his support and said KADS were happy to support the two charities and donations will continue.

Margaret Ray also gave her thanks to the Mayor Margaret Ray (KAR)and said how important it is for funds to keep coming especially to meet veterinary bills which are in the region of 10,000/15,000TL per month so she was very grateful to KADS for their support.

In his speech, Ahmet Akarsu of SOS Children’s Village also thanked the Mayor and Girne Municipality for sponsoring KADS and enabling funds to be raised for the charity.  He said: “Each year KADS donates proceeds from its productions to SOS Children’s Village, which goes towards meeting the needs of children receiving family based care under our programmes”.  “I congratulate KADS on their 40th anniversary and thank them once Ahmet Akarsu presents plaque to Stephen Everettagain for their support.” Ahmet also presented a plaque to Stephen Everett in appreciation for the support of KADS.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said: “The collaboration of the Municipality and civil society organisations in the cosmopolitan town of Girne is important to us.”   Thanking the two organisations for their work in the community, he added the municipality would continue its work in Mayor Nidai Gungordu. Ahmet Akarsu, Stephen Everett, Margaret Raysupporting civil society groups.

KAR and SOS Children’s Village were each presented with 2,435TL from the proceeds of the last KADS production “Absolute Kads and Bounders III”  and KADS presented the Mayor with a lovely bonsai tree.   The Mayor is obviously a lover of plants judging by the large array of plants in his office.

Mayor, Nidai GungorduSpeaking with Stephen and Beverley after the presentation, we were told that they are working on a production of 2 sketches, one will be a follow on from the previous Last Tango in Girne and the other is called Thermal Underwear, the provisional dates are 29th/30th/31st October.   As the Cultural Centre theatre will be undergoing refurbishment, Derman Atik has kindly offered the Çatalköy theatre for these performances.  There will be more information to follow about the new KADS production in the near future.

More pictures of the event are shown in the slideshow below.

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