June 25, 2022

KIB-TEK – Consumers must pay their bills

By Margaret Sheard….

On 27th July we published an article regarding the SMS message sent to consumers by Kib-Tek regarding the new procedure to be introduced of remote electronic meter readings.  The article included a link to the news item of KP Daily News where they reassured readers that the SMS message was not a hoax and they should respond.  To view the whole article click here

We have today come across a further article which has been published by KP Daily News and, with their permission, we are reproducing this below:-

” KIB-TEK to cut power of outstanding bills of 469TL and over

KIB-TEK electricity authorities have said that consumers with outstanding bills of 469TL and over will face their electricity being cut off automatically.Kib-Tek logo

Within the framework of the new project, KIB-TEK has been implementing the new Automatic Meter Management. KIB-TEK director Mehmet Salih Gurkan said that with the new system, the new meters were able to be administered from far. He said not all meters had been changed however and personnel were still needed for meter reading and cutting off or reconnecting meters.

Gurkan said that with the new meters however those who owed on their electricity bills or were behind in not paying their instalments would see their electricity cut off. To reconnect the power would cost an extra 89.32TL he said. He said the implementation would begin soon and called on consumers to make the necessary arrangements in order not to be left in a difficult position. “

Source – KP Daily News

To read this and other news items visit their website by clicking here

2 thoughts on “KIB-TEK – Consumers must pay their bills

  1. How do I register with this system as I only visit my holiday home maybe twice a year.
    The property is in Catalkoy, Girne

    1. Hello Karen have a look at our article click here and you will see in the comments section we recommended to Jacki Bilclough that she prepare a message and copy it into Google Translate and the take both the English and Turkish message and send it as an email to info@kibtek.com.

      Bingo she received a reply and I believe her problem was resolved so I am sure if you do the same you can overcome your worries.

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