June 27, 2022

Water and Life

By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward…..

Michael and Viola

We love to spend time by the sea, gazing at the fascinating range of its colours and the variety of moods of the water’s surface produced by the different winds.  The nature of the seabed, the rocky reefs and the beds of waving seaweed create beautiful spreads of turquoise blue and deep sea greens, the shades of which are nuanced by the shallow water near the beach and the colour of the sand. SeaThe quality of the light coming from the sky plays with the colour of the sea. It can sparkle and glitter an electric blue when we look towards the sun and turn a deep sapphire when the sun is behind us. The sea can be grey and sullen when the sky is overcast with cloud and it can be intimidating when huge breaking rollers are created by strong winds. Its surface can become streaked with white foam during a gale or covered with the white horses of breaking waves in an afternoon breeze. We can sit on a beach and contemplate it or ride in a boat on its surface, climbing up and diving down the endless waves, or gliding on the mirror surface of a flat calm.

The sound of water tumbling over rocks and rushing through steep mountain valleys has a very lively energy, as the chattering torrent works its way down the slopes. Joining with other streams, the tributaries weave their way down out of the hills towards the plains, fusing together to become meandering rivers flowing across the Waterfallflatlands and into the deltas before re-joining the ocean. We love to build our houses within sight of the rivers, or overlooking the sea. We take time off to picnic on the banks of the rivers close to the calm and endless flow of the water. We drive down to the coast to spend the day sitting on the beach watching the waves breaking onto the shore. Water fascinates us. Instinctively, we love to be immersed in it, floated and rocked and we are delighted and invigorated by it as we play under the cool cascades of a waterfall. We inhale, sigh and relax deeply as the warm water spray of an energy-cleansing shower flows smoothly over our naked bodies. Swimming in the sea, many of us are attracted to dive down below its surface, submerging ourselves into the calm and weightless fluid silence of the undersea world.

We only need look at our human origins to see where this familiarity with the aquatic comes from. Water is our first environmental experience. After conception, the embryo evolves and develops into a foetus and then into a living baby ready to be born, spending many months in a comforting darkness, totally immersed in warm, slightly salty, amniotic water. All the way through this gestation, cocooned by the smooth caress of the soft walls of the uterus, the baby shares the pulsing beats of the mother’s heart that overlay their harmony on the rhythmic sounds of her breathing. EmbryoOur subsequent love of drumbeats and way that the rhythm of music touches us, surely have a lot to do with this primal initiation. This first connection with the wonder of life takes place within the nurturing, gentle, liquid surroundings of the womb, where we are nourished and warmed, held securely in the mother’s protective love. Later as we grow and mature, this powerful imprint will always be there in a memory of the relaxing peace of floating. Warm water cushioned movements and the rhythmic sounds of heartbeats and breathing will be strongly associated with comfort, love and security.

Warm water Breathwork and Watsu are among a number of physical therapies that set out to reconnect us with this powerful early memory of contentment. Recreating the conditions close to the pre-natal experience and immersing the mind and body in them can draw the spirit back into the silent peace and relaxation that is such an important component of our body health. Short moments of stress are not, in themselves, damaging to us. We are equipped with an instinctive and effective survival system that takes us purposefully into the adrenaline of stress to give us the strength and the speed of reaction to defend ourselves from danger. Stress only becomes toxic to our system when we do not manage to breathe deeply and relax back out of the process. By taking on more than we can manage in attempts to get ahead, we often create lifestyles for ourselves, filled with stress inducing events to the point that we actually forget how to relax any more.

Breathwork consists of learning to breathe in a particular continuous way to take us into a state of mind where we can access influencing Watsumemories and realisations about ourselves that can help us to grow beyond limiting beliefs we may be harbouring. When the Breathing technique has been mastered successfully, it can then be employed while immersed in warm water, where the breathing process will often trigger pre-natal memories as well.

To begin a Watsu session, the receiver will be shown how to float on their back in a shallow warm water pool. With their eyes closed and their ears submerged, the feelings created will be reminiscent of the pre-natal experience. The practitioner then slowly moves the floating person around in the water with gentle touch on the back of the neck and the small of the back to simulate the movements experienced in the womb. The body can easily be stretched or folded and gently twisted as it floats, relaxed and unrestricted in the water, the neck, arms and legs letting go of tensions and holding patterns to become like seaweed flowing with the movements through the water. As the session proceeds, the receiver gradually moves into a deep and nourishing peace of mind and body, as the memory of receiving unconditional care and attention while immersed in the warm safety of the water, works its healing wonders.

If you would like to experience Watsu or learn how to use Breathwork therapy please get in touch with us. We have also found Watsu to be particularly relaxing and beneficial for pregnant mothers in the later stages of Pregnancy.

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Viola came to Cyprus from Venezuela in 2002 to join Michael who was born on the Island and returned from France in 1999. Viola and Michael are both trained therapists in Breathwork and they founded Kayana Ltd in 2003. Viola specialises in Relationship Coaching, Business Consulting and Colour and Image. Michael has an Engineering background and specialises in Massage and Watsu.


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