June 25, 2022


Little Society of Kyrenia

Glides in as a Charity


By Chris Elliott…….

Sometimes you need time to sit and reflect on everything you have learned or experienced before you can write with feeling about a subject and for me this was the case with the Little Society of Kyrenia.

Over the past three years I have been writing reports either in newspapers or on the internet about the Little Society of Kyrenia and their quiet but effective activities in terms of donations being made to mainly help disabled and underprivileged children.

Almost 3 years ago I met John Graham MBE who was the founder of the Little Society of Kyrenia and I have admired his quiet determination  to find a wayJohn Graham and Tom Roche ready to jump to help others.

For me this past week was a wonderful occasion as I was able to go along to witness the paraglide by John Graham and his friend Tom Roche whose landing was very timely as it coincided with the news that LSOK had become registered as a TRNC charity with the Turkish name of Girne Kücük Çoçüuklar Cemiyeti being published in the Official Gazette.

To see those excited but happy faces back on earth was wonderful and also to receive the following information so that we may share it with our many readers.

John Graham talked of LSOK’s past activities which has seen more than 700,000TL donated to good causes and someone suggested a leap of faith might be appropriate and he said. “I was a bit apprehensive but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would like to thank Tandem Paragliding and all those who came to support me.”

Among those was Creditwest Bank’s CEO Dr. Süleyman Erol and Karaoğlanoğlu Branch Manager Deniz Oralman. Creditwest has pledged to support the Little Society over the coming year.

Dr. Erol said: “We get many requests for assistance and we have to look at them all very carefully. We think the Little Society of Kyrenia is a very good cause that has already done some wonderful things for the children of this country, so we are happy to help them.”

John Graham added: “The Little Society tries to support those who find it difficult to attract funds John Graham in Flightfrom other sources and those who try to help themselves. We concentrate on helping children as we believe that if they can develop their skills, talents and aspirations, they have the potential to change their lives. “

The Society has paid to sponsor poor children to attend the English School of Kyrenia and the Happy Land Nursery School. For the past three years it has paid for a speech and physiotherapist for the Special Needs School in Karakum. It has provided equipment for a number of schools including laptops, printers, projectors and first aid boxes and donated a kitchen to the Children’s Welfare Association.

It has also donated to the Ziyamet Primary School in the Karpaz so that the children could visit a hospital, bakery, newspaper, plant trees and go to the cinema and funded children from the Ziyamet Special Needs School to attend the Esentepe Fun Run with a special lunch and medals for doing a short walk. It has provided toys for children at Girne state hospital and sponsored a trip to the UK for the Soyer basketball team.

The Society has also supported organisations outside their normal remit where they feel they make a significant contribution to the people of the island.  These have included donations to the British Cemetery Committee and the Rotary Club.

The Little Society also believes it is important to teach English to the children of North Cyprus and it will be working with the English Language Association, the ELA, whose chairman, Living magazine publisher Tom Roche, joined Mr Graham on his jump.

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