New Furniture Products And Preview At The Olgun Store in Nicosia

By Chris Elliott…….


It’s amazing how life has a way of going round in circles and we sometimes bump into people we have not met for some time and for me it was with the arrival of an invitation to an event.

Now if I go back some 12 years and before I had been visiting North Cyprus for holidays and with retirement on the horizon I thought with my background in the furniture industry in design and sales perhaps there might be an opportunity to create new opportunities. To cut a story short I made contact with Olgun Furniture Ltd who were then looking to expand into a still virgin furniture package market to serve all of the customers who were buying properties.

Still in the UK I set to and soon had a steady flow of interested customers who I passed on to Ergun Olgun the Director and eventually as a adventure I decided to come over to help out for a short while and so the die was cast and the business just grew and grew with so many satisfied customers.

It was then time to hang up the selling shoes and do something else to occupy my mind in the slowdown and guess what, here I am still writing and is growing  with a worldwide readership.

Anyway back to the point of the article, I received in the past few days an invitation as shown below to visit the head office showroom in Nicosia for a cocktail evening on Tuesday the 14th July at 19.00pm for a presentation at the Olgun Store of their renewed and expanded showroom with some very exciting products.

Sadly I will not be able to be present but I would like to share this invitation with our local readers to visit the Olgun Store to see a preview of their Yatsan (wide range of mattresses), Coastal Home (range of furniture) and Estetik and Altinci Cadde (home accessories).