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TRNC News Today 7th July 2015

New government by the end of this week

The new government, under the head of the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) Girne Deputy Ömer Kalyoncu, is planned to be formed by the end of this week.Mehmet Ali Talat 4

According to the information gained by CTP-BG leader Mehmet Ali Talat, party assembly will be gathered on Thursday and coalition partner will become clear.

Furthermore, Talat stated that meetings with the parties have ended and there will be no other official meeting with the parties.

As an answer to a question, Talat said that the new government will be formed by Monday at the latest.

Akıncı: “Status quo is not for benefit of Turkish Cypriots”

Mentioning the importance of establishing a positive structure approved by the two people and holding it to a referendum with determination, President Mustafa Akıncı said that Mustafa Akinci 2the current status quo is not for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriots, especially for the youth.

During one of his receptions yesterday, Akıncı said they are working to find a permanent peace which will guarantee equality and security of both sides. Furthermore, pointing out that the Cyprus issue has been negotiated for 47 years since 1968,  Akıncı said that the aim is to begin a period which will be much better than today.  Adding that this is not easy but his duty is to achieve the difficult goal, Akıncı underlined that status quo is not for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriots, especially for the youth.

Pikis: “Rotating presidency is a confederation factor”

Former Greek Cypriot President of Supreme Court and Judge of the Cyprus FlagInternational Criminal Court Yorgos Pikis claimed that rotating presidency is a confederation factor. In his interview to Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, Pikis claimed that rotating presidency is a confederation factor and confidence building measures only provide development of people’s rights living in the TRNC. Pikis also claimed that the return of the fenced-off area of Varosha came to the agenda but “this includes only 20% area of Varosha” and referred to relevant UN Security Council Resolution.

Furthermore, Pikis stated that leaving  the issue of territory to the final part of the negotiations is a “mistake” and emphasized that he is against the continuation of the guarantorship.

Greece’s offer for Cyprus

Secret British documents reveal Athens’ proposal to send troops in response to the declaration of TRNC’s independence in 1983.

According to the document of Foreign and Greek FlagCommonwealth office which was stated to the public on Friday, Spyros Kyprianou, then Greek Cypriot leader said that during a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, Athens made him an offer of military support just hours after the declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The secret note, reveals correspondence of Thatcher with Kyprianou and Rauf Denktaş and also initiatives for the TRNC not being recognised by other countries except Turkey.

According to Thatcher-Kyprianou meeting’s secret report, Athens government offered Kyprianou to send Greek soldiers to Cyprus.

Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Howe demanded from British Ambassadors in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Malaysia, Libya and Bangladesh on 18 November to lobby for the TRNC not being recognised. (Londra gazete)

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