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Trevor’s Tips – July 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……

Medical Operations

Due to the long waiting lists in UK, hospitals are letting patients jump NHS queues for knee and hip replacement surgery if they pay for the operations themselves.

Patients in private hospitals are being charged up to £14,000 for some procedures – almost treble the cost of the National Health Service – leading to accusations that private medical operationhospitals are ripping off the sick.

Knee and hip operations are being rationed across England, forcing some patients to wait in pain for more than a year to get to theatre.

The average waiting time for a knee replacement here in the TRNC is two days and the cost approximately £6000.00, much cheaper than the UK. If you are fortunate to have your knee replaced by the NHS, you will need to pay for flights to go back there and even the cost of staying somewhere if you don’t own a UK property. The chance of having your knee operation postponed is becoming greater as time goes on, with the extra cost of flights etc and outpatient visits.

Surely it makes sense to have your operation here avoiding lengthy periods of unnecessary pain and excessive costs in operation delays?

Cross Border Mobile Phone Usage

A system to link mobile telephone across the island should be ready at the beginning of July. There was agreement between the two sides to enable mobile telephone across Mobile phonethe island as a confidence-building measure.

How the system will work:

First a message will be seen on the user’s mobile screen. It will say that you have entered into the field of this or that operator, do you want the facility activated/ connect?’ This will be optional. If you press the ‘yes’ you will be able to use your mobile in the south if you select ‘no’ your phone will not be usable in the south. After you are connected, you will be able to use your telephone using the network of the operator to which you have been connected. The cost in making your call will be released later.

Water Bottle Bacteria Infection

With the temperatures soaring higher and higher at this time of the year, your drinking water dispensers are a breeding ground for bacteria. Consider using a baby feeding bottle disinfectant, such as “Milton” to sterilise your water dispenser. It only takes a few minutes and will result in the annihilation of water borne bugs. Make sure you wash the dispenser out thoroughly after the sterilisation process.

No Claims Discount for Drivers

If you have decided to return to the UK after some time here, insurance Dagli Sigorta image smlcompanies over there do not recognise good driving over here and will not transfer any accumulated “no claims “ bonus earned here.

Dagli Sigorta has teamed up with the “RAC” in Britain and recognises good driving standards here. They will give consideration to Dagli Sigorta customers their hard earned “no claims bonus” whilst in the TRNC, potentially saving you several pounds when taking out a car insurance policy with them. For more information telephone 0533 844 3403 and ask to speak to Trevor Hughes.

Cross Border Passport Control

The new system of not needing to complete a visa form has certainly Passport scannerspeeded up the process of going over the border. Since this change, the border authorities have made an additional change. The cabins have been upgraded and moved forward. The border officer on the TRNC side does not have the documents from you to hand them to the processing officer, because you now hand your passports directly to the officer in the booth, again without the need of getting out of your vehicle.

Cross Border Vehicle Insurance

There has been some speculation and rumour regarding the charges for going over the border to be scrapped. Although this would be most welcome, it is a little premature, at the moment. The suggestion came from our newly elected TRNC President, Mustafa Akinci as a gesture of goodwill which could be taken on the “confidence building process” between the two communities. At the moment it is status quo, so carry on as you have been doing.

I will keep you up to speed, if and when this initiative manifests itself.

Bayram Holidays– All Government, Local Government, Banks and some businesses and local shops will be closed for these days

Friday 17th July

Saturday 18th July

Sunday 19th July

Monday 20th July

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