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TRNC News Today 23rd June 2015

Negotiators to meet today

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis will meet again within the framework of Nami and Mavroyannisnegotiations today.

The meeting will be held as two stages at Ledra Palace Hotel in the buffer zone.

The first stage will be at 09:00-12:00, the second stage will be at 14:30-17:00

Following the leaders’ meeting held last week, it was stated that screening process was ended and the leaders have focused on substantial issues.

Negotiators will work hard on substantial issues and submit the report regarding their studies to  29 June 2015.

Akıncı: “Our aim is to realize a framework in September”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that it is an undeclared aim of all sides to realize a framework in September in New York where guarantor countries will also be included.Mustafa Akinci

Upon a question at one of his receptions, Akıncı said there is an unnamed road map and none of the sides want to lose time.

Adding that they want to gain speed at the Cyprus negotiations for reaching a comprehensive solution, Akıncı said “There are some steps taken regarding confidence building measures.  We need to proceed until September in order to realize a multi conference. It is not possible to say that we have proceeded enough until now.”

Akıncı said : “The real aim is to take steps further as soon as possible and if it is possible, to make a multi-party meeting in New York in September at which all sides will be together within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly”

Akıncı said that it is an undeclared aim of all sides to increase the points of compromise and to realize a framework in September in New York where guarantor countries will also be included. He said that this is a serious possibility in September.

Presidential spokesperson to organize a press meeting

Presidential spokesperson Barış Burcu will organizeBaris Burcu - Presidential spokesperson a press meeting on Wednesday regarding the latest stage of Cyprus negotiations.

According to the statement of Presidency’s Press Office, a press meeting will be held at 10:00 at the Presidency.

Saner: “You should respect undeniable realities of the island”

National Unity Party Gazimağusa MP Ersan Saner stated that he was Oksana Tomovavery worried for Slovakia’s Ambassador to South Cyprus Oksana Tomova using the expression “Greek Cypriot mayor of Mağusa” Alexis Galanos instead of “ So-called  Mayor of Varosha” and invited Tomova to respect the undeniable realities of the island.

Adding that the Slovak Ambassador disregards the most basic details on the Cyprus issue, Saner condemned the attitude of the Slovak Ambassador by sending her a letter.

Human tragedy becomes clear after 52 years

Human tragedy which was caused by Greek Cypriots in December 1963 in Sadrazamköy has become clear  after 52 years. Karşıyaka resident Rahmi Hasan (49) and his wife Ayşe Rahmi (32) and their 5 children who were killed by the Greek Cypriots and were thrown into a well have been found as a result of works of the Committee on Missing Persons and they were buried with military ceremony at Karşıyaka cemetery yesterday.Cyprus Missing Persons

In his speech, Martyr Rahmi Hasan’s cousin Mehmet Özilmen expressed that there is historical proof at Karşıyaka cemetery today.

Özilmen also expressed that the 6 metres well which could not be found for a long time was found as a result of careful works of the Committee on Missing Persons.  At the end of his speech, Özilmen thanked all persons who worked for finding his cousin and his family.

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