August 19, 2022

North Cyprus entertainers dispute with

ASAP is over, or is it?


By Chris Elliott…….

Reading the recent copy of Cyprus Today newspaper dated June 20th on pages 1 and 6 (click here to view) about the TRNC entertainers’ dispute, I observed that the Girne Labour department were saying that only TRNC citizens are able to work part time and that other foreign nationalities could only work full time providing their employer has obtained a work permit for them.

It was further said that the Girne Labour Department had stated that if existing work permits were cancelled by the employer then the individuals were required to leave the TRNC by law and re-enter after a new application has been made by a new eASAP imagemployer for a work permit. It would seem the alternative to this is to re-enter the TRNC and obtain a visitors permit and then apply for temporary residency when it will not be possible to work anymore unless a work permit is obtained and the residency permit is cancelled as it is not possible to hold both.

On the same theme on a recent visit to a restaurant I observed what were confirmed to be 2 representatives from the local Labour Office and it would seem that they were checking paperwork and asking about entertainment at the premises in question.

In a previous issue of Cyprus Today newspaper on June 6th (page 6)  it was reported that the TRNC Employment Office had agreed a budget to cover the cost of evening spot checks which had begun so it seems they are taking the question of illegal working by entertainers very seriously.

4 thoughts on “North Cyprus entertainers dispute with ASAP is over, or is it?

  1. OK, Chris,
    I had temporary residence for several years when we first came here. When I started work, I got a work permit. When I finish work (retire, which I am not considering at present, but I am 68 years old and still renew every year and pay my dues), do I have to leave the country and once in again??? Sounds a bit barmy to me?

    1. Hello Carol like me when you retire you can apply for residency but the newspaper article was pointing out that foreigners were required by law to leave the country if they wish to seek employment from another employer.

      I did state the alternative was that if someone does leave TRNC for whatever reason and re-enter they can get a visitors permit and then register an application for temporary residency but could not work.

      The good news for you Carol is that when you do retire you simply start your residency application without leaving TRNC as you will not be looking to work again.

  2. This is a nightmare for people who genuinely want to entertain others both for their own enjoyment and to earn a little extra cash. These entertainers are NOT taking the possibility of earning money from TRNC citizens.

    Does anyone know what the situation is for entertainers who travel from the south, do their performance and return south?

    If those in charge put as much effort into dealing with several of the serious issues blighting this country then they would gain a lot of support from both the disenfranchised residents and the wider international community. Why not start with the biggest problem blighting this country, the property sector, then tackle the issues of human trafficking? A rhetorical question most know the answer to!!!

    1. David Waters you seem to be missing the point. The TRNC law says it is illegal for a foreign nationals to entertain without obtaining a work permit.

      For general employment, it is necessary to find a potential employer who will make an application on the potential employees behalf and don’t’ forget there is no part time working allowed by foreign nationals. At the moment there is only one TRNC agency (legal) that we are aware of who will apply for a permit which will allow the entertainer to work part time specifically for entertainment events. There was another organisation but they seemed to have ceased operations.

      Entertainers can offer their services for no payment to a registered charity who can apply for permission for a one off event permit. A fine example of this is Devon (Mr Rodeo Man) who is currently here from the UK and has been granted permission to perform in aid of Tulips at various events and is doing a great job.

      Please let’s stick to the thread and not start talking about other issues like property and human trafficking as it is not relevant and any further comments about those issues will be deleted.

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