North Cyprus entertainers dispute with

ASAP is over, or is it?


By Chris Elliott…….

Reading the recent copy of Cyprus Today newspaper dated June 20th on pages 1 and 6 (click here to view) about the TRNC entertainers’ dispute, I observed that the Girne Labour department were saying that only TRNC citizens are able to work part time and that other foreign nationalities could only work full time providing their employer has obtained a work permit for them.

It was further said that the Girne Labour Department had stated that if existing work permits were cancelled by the employer then the individuals were required to leave the TRNC by law and re-enter after a new application has been made by a new eASAP imagemployer for a work permit. It would seem the alternative to this is to re-enter the TRNC and obtain a visitors permit and then apply for temporary residency when it will not be possible to work anymore unless a work permit is obtained and the residency permit is cancelled as it is not possible to hold both.

On the same theme on a recent visit to a restaurant I observed what were confirmed to be 2 representatives from the local Labour Office and it would seem that they were checking paperwork and asking about entertainment at the premises in question.

In a previous issue of Cyprus Today newspaper on June 6th (page 6)  it was reported that the TRNC Employment Office had agreed a budget to cover the cost of evening spot checks which had begun so it seems they are taking the question of illegal working by entertainers very seriously.