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International recognition for KAR Pet Travel and TRNC too !

International recognition for

KAR Pet Travel and TRNC too !


By Kim Betts……
KAR Pet Travel…..

Kyrenia Animal Rescue are very pleased and proud to announce that KAR Pet Travel has been accepted as a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). There are only 2 members on the Island of Cyprus – one  is based in the Republic of Cyprus (and is an organisation that KAR Pet Travel already work very closely with) and now KAR Pet Travel.

IPATA is an internationally approved trade association with members based in over 80 countries. All members have to show evidence of their experience KAR Pet Traveland expertise in the international movement of animals – including the legal requirements of the various countries relating to those animals. Each member must maintain the expected high standards needed for ongoing inclusion of IPATA.

The application (and acceptance) process, for KAR, was quite lengthy, complex and not problem free ….. in the words of one of the IPATA co ordinators …..

“…….We have actually had to add the TRNC as a country to our database! and such re-programming takes some time. Please bear with us as we work through this.”

Being accepted as a member (provisional until the final 2 exams are passed – within the first year) of IPATA is recognition of the professional way in which KAR Pet Travel already operates and the service that is provided to pets, owners, airlines, and all involved in pet travel.

Margaret Ray and I  have worked tirelessly to set up and run KAR Pet Travel and to build strong professional working relations with many organizations both here and internationally. Their objective is “to help owners understand, and comply with,  the Import/Export regulations that pertain to their own circumstances and to advise, and organize if needed, the travel route that best suits them and their pets and affords safe passage with the least amount of stress for their pet“.

Whether a pet needs to travel into TRNC or needs to travel out of TRNC, KAR Pet Travel can help.

We can be contacted on 0533 8694098 or by emailing