June 29, 2022

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Help Those With Cancer Association


By Sue Tilt and Carole King…….

Hi everybody,

We have been extremely grateful for the support that we have received this past week and here are the details:

Happy Birthday

  1. Irene Bishop celebrated her 65thbirthday at Freddies Bar, Lapta on Saturday 23rd May 2015. Irene insisted that she did not want any birthday presents but she would accept any donations which was to be divided equally between Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association and Hope4Pets plus she also ran a raffle on the night.  On behalf of Tulips we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to both Irene and her guests (all 86 of them) who contributed a total of 2,000TL of which Tulips has received 1,000TL. 

Black Olive Cafe banner

  1. The Black Olive, Alsancak holds a bi-monthly Charity Quiz Challenge whereby everyone contributes 20TL of which 10TL will go to the winning team’s chosen charity, the other 10TL covers a light supper.  This month a team called ‘Tip Toe Through The Tulips’ consisting of Denise and Steve Bisson, Tessa and Steve Everett and Pam and Clive Hills won the quiz and elected Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association as their nominated charity. We would like to say a huge thank you to the ‘team’ who could not have chosen a better team name as Tulips is now 470TL better off!  Thank you to all involved and to The Black Olive for organising these quizzes.

We would appreciate any help you can give us to thank the people who gave so generously at both of these events.

Sue and Carole

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