August 19, 2022

Poisoning of animals in Northern  Cyprus

May Update


By Chris Elliott……..

We recently published a series of articles about the ongoing cases of animals being poisoned and the final one was called “Northern Cyprus and Lannate Poisoning of animals” click here  to read.

Following this we were able to help arrange a meeting of the Roots Ramblers with the Ministry of Tourism so they could make a presentation of a number of projects they are developing. During this meeting we were advised that the Ministry were concerned to read this article we had published together  and learn of the horrific cases of poisoning.

We have since been advised that they had written to the Ministry of Environment and the 28 Municipalities  bringing their attention to the criminal misuse of poisons by persons unknown who Poisoned meat imageare deliberately placing poisoned baits which are  endangering  not only dogs and other animals and birds in the food chain  but there is a real danger  that children or adults could also be in danger as well..

The recipients of this letter have been invited to submit their views of these terrible activities and inform what they plan to do to control the use of poisons and seek out and stop those people who are committing these atrocious acts.

They also had contact with the Ministry of Agriculture who are responsible for the control of poisons such as Lannate and they  have responded and stated that Lannate is a banned substance in the TRNC and anyone found in possession of it will be arrested and they face a prison sentence up to 4 years and a fine to equal 10 times the minimum monthly wage.

On the general point of poisoning we have taken time to talk to many people and groups and organisations and undoubtedly the use of different types of poisons has  to be commonplace and although many can give records of these happenings so far we have not been able to locate national or local records of these cases or indeed the type of poisons used.

In the latter case many poisonings have been reported  when dead animals or birds have been found aStop dog Poisoning imaget a point in time when an autopsy would not always determine the cause of poisoning. As a dog owner if I had the terrible experience of my pet being poisoned I would find it very difficult to contemplate having an autopsy done on an animal I cared for and no doubt many other owners would feel the same. Perhaps this is why there seems to be a lack of records of types of poisons being used but for the future a start of recording cases should be made.

So poisoning continues and what can be done to stop it? Here at we will be pleased to have contact from any organisations or groups who can share information and facts and perhaps for the future we can help them come together and help facilitate the sharing of this group’s concern and information with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources or the Ministry of Agriculture or any other authority that can rid our homeland of these despicable acts by a few very unsocial minded people.

2 thoughts on “Poisoning of animals in Northern Cyprus – May Update

  1. How vile and disgusting,why are there such nasty barstards that would put down poison? It’s unbelievable..why? Let’s hope whoever would do this gets caught and given a good hiding….sorry but this is shocking and angers me.

    1. Thank you Raymen and we are sorry if our news angers you but we have to bring it to the eyes of as many people as possible if this dreadful practice is to be stopped.

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