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TRNC News Today 18th May 2015

Akıncı: “Greeks are not our enemy, they are our partners”

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that there will be a difficult negotiation process ahead and said: “Our approach should not be to Mustafa Akinciperceive those who sit in front of us as enemy. Seeing those who sit in front of us as our “future partner” is our perspective and this is highly important”

Akıncı said: “The most important necessities are existing together without marginalizing the others in the island, sharing together the blessings of the island, establishing a nicer and brighter future for the next generations.”

President Akıncı stated that he started the negotiations with the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades officially and added: “All our effort is for achieving a happy future for young generations in the island. Our generation and previous generations shared pain, blood, tears and sufferings in the island, we hope the next generation shares peace, blessings and beauties of the island. I believe that the future will be much better with this understanding.”

UN Security Council welcomed resumption of the negotiations

It was stated that the UN Security Council welcomed the resumption of negotiations in Cyprus. UN Security Council logo

The Greek Cypriot newspaper Haravgi published in a news item, the statement of the UN Security Council expressing hope for a comprehensive settlement based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

According to the news, the UN Security Council welcomed the start of talks on a Cyprus settlement “within the mission of the UN Secretary General`s good offices” and expressed their hope that the leaders take advantage of this opportunity to reach a comprehensive settlement based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality, as set out in the relevant Security Council resolutions”.

New implementation started at border crossings

300px-TRNC_border[1]After the first meeting between President Mustafa Akıncı and the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration on Friday 15th May, a new implementation has started at border crossings.

According to the new implementation, visa form and seal will not be used any longer, persons who pass to the other side will show their identity card to the staff on duty and thus will be registered.

Ban calls Akıncı by telephone

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called President Akıncı yesterday and indicated that he would like to meet with him soon face to face in New York.Ban ki Moon

The Ban Ki Moon-Akinci meeting date will be set according to the agenda of both sides. According to a statement from the Presidential Palace, the Secretary General indicated that he was pleased Akıncı and Anastasiades had resumed their talks and renewed his support for the efforts to end the continued ‘division’.

The statement went on to say that Secretary General Ban was pleased with the agreement on some of the Confidence Building Measures and said that both men could utilize this unique opportunity to build a future for the island and the people. He said that if they use this opportunity well, they would be able to show the world that political will, vision and leadership can solve a long standing issue.

Theodorakis congratulates Akinci

Stavros TheodorakisHead of Social Democrat Podami Party represented in Greek Parliament, Stavros Theodorakis telephoned President Mustafa Akinci and congratulated him.  Theodorakis made the phone call for congratulating Akinci and wished him success in the resumed negotiation process. Theodorakis expressed his appreciation for the positive atmosphere occurred after Akinci was elected.

Theodorakis said “We give full support to the process resumed. This is an historical process and we hope it will come out well”.

Bilgiç: “Our target is a solution in the shortest time”

Spokesperson of Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry Tanju Bilgiç reminded the statements of Minister of Foreign Tanju BilgiçAffairs of Turkey Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu during his visit to the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Kocias that Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu expected the Cyprus problem to be solved as soon as possible and 2015 will be year of solution and said “Solution of this problem in a short time is our target. We will continue to give the necessary support within the framework of steps to be taken by the two sides in the negotiation process”.

Bilgiç pointed out that Turkey wants a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem and it supports resumption of the negotiations within the framework of 11 February 2014 joint statement.

Vast amount of narcotics seized in South Cyprus

It is noted that a vast amount of narcotics was seized by Greek Cypriot Narcotic Department in an operation in Cannabis SativaLimasol the day before and 3 people were arrested.

26 kilos 100gr cannabis sativa, 1 kilo 340gr cannabis sativa resin and 1 kilo 600gr methamphetamine were seized in the operation according to the Greek Cypriot daily Simerini. The newspaper also added that based on the information it obtained, one of the people arrested is a 33 year old British base policeman and the other one is a 30 year old employee of British base Health services.

Fileleftheros newspaper also stated that a policeman was seriously injured during the operation.

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