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TRNC News Today 15th May 2015

Negotiations have resumed today

Negotiations which have been continuing to find a solution to Cyprus problem have resumed today after 7 months.

President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades met at 10:00am in the buffer zone at UN Good Mission Office. Negotiator Ozdil Nami, Foreign cyprus-map-divided smlMinistry under-secretary Erhan Ercin, spokesperson Burcu Baris and 3rd Secretary Sertaç Güven have taken a place in the negotiation team.

The Leaders are expected to revise the issues and decide on the structure and frequency of negotiations.

The Cyprus negotiations which resumed in 2008 after the Annan plan continued until 2014 except some short breaks due to elections of the sides. Negotiations were suspended last year by South Cyprus which started natural gas drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean and disturbed by Turkey’s starting natural gas exploration on behalf of the TRNC.

UN Secretary General welcomes resumption of negotiations

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon welcomes the resumption of full-fledged negotiations between the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci Ban ki Moonscheduled for 15 May 2015 under the facilitation of his Special Adviser, Espen Barth Eide.

With the momentum continuing to build for a solution to the long-standing division of the island, the Secretary-General salutes the commitment of the leaders to move forward without delay, in a constructive and dedicated manner, as expressed during the dinner hosted by Special Adviser Eide on 11 May 2015.

The Secretary-General calls on the leaders to seize this opportunity to achieve tangible progress towards a comprehensive settlement that would clearly benefit both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

The Secretary-General reiterates his commitment to supporting the leaders in their efforts to achieve a mutually agreed comprehensive settlement based on the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014 and in line with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Serdar Denktaş resigns from his office

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Serdar Denktaş resigned from his office yesterday.Serdar Denktas 3

Denktaş said that persons who fulfil their missions from Democrat party-United Forces will continue their missions until CTP Congress.

In his press conference held yesterday, Denktaş said that the name of the party will change again as “Democrat Party” in the next Congress of DP-UG and the party will become renewed and more powerful.

Expressing that “Reform Government” is not successful in the public sector, Denktaş said that although there were many performances of the government, people’s basic needs for change were not met.

US President supports equal sharing of possible energy income

US President Barack Obama stated his support in his two monthly report regarding Cyprus for equal sharing of income of possible Barack Obamaenergy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two communities within the framework of a comprehensive solution. US President Obama’s December-January report regarding Cyprus was submitted to US Parliament and Senate the day before.

Expulsion of Katsuridis from the party and removal of Yorgacis and Erotokritu from their offices are on the agenda in South Cyprus

South Cyprus is shaken by the news of expulsion of Greek Cypriot political party AKEL MP Nikos Katsuridis from the party and removal of head of Greek Cypriot Central Bank Christalla Yorgacis and Assistant Attorney General Rikkos Erotokritu from their offices. Steps were taken in order to start a disciplinary proceeding by AKEL Central Committee against MP Nikos Katsuridis or his expulsion from the party after he is involved in the scandal of sale of a Turkish Cypriot property, known as Mormenekşe case, to Greek Cypriot Telecommunication Office through illegal ways. On the other hand, tension in Greek Cypriot Civil Department is increased. Greek Cypriot Attorney General Kostas Kliridis has filed an appeal in High Court for the removal of Assistant Attorney General Rikkos Erotokritu from his office for the reason of his inconvenient attitudes and his actions during the criminal investigation concerning the declaration of value–added taxes. Meanwhile, it was stated that Greek Cypriot Civil Department determined the legal infrastructure required for the removal of head of Greek Cypriot Central Bank Christalla Yorgacis from her office for the reason of the scandals in the bank. According to the news, Greek Cypriot Civil Department has determined legal infrastructure concerning the trial of Yorgacis as “conflict of interests”.

President of Constitutional Court of Turkey to arrive in TRNC

Zühtü ArslanPresident of Constitutional Court of Turkey Zühtü Arslan will pay his first official overseas visit to the TRNC today as a guest of President of High Court Şafak Öneri. Guest delegation will pay the first visit to Öneri and they will exchange views on the issue of cooperation of the two courts and on the issue of foreign contacts.  Arslan will also be received by President Mustafa Akıncı.

State Planning Organization: “Number of unemployed in North Cyprus is 9,320”

Prime Ministry State Planning Organization (DPÖ) announced that the number of unemployed in North Cyprus is 9,320. According to DPÖ the highest unemployment rate is in Ödül MuhtaroğluGüzelyurt region.  The nationwide unemployment rate for North Cyprus is calculated as 8.3%. Unemployment rate among men 5.8%; among women 12.8% said the DPÖ’s report. According to the statement of Undersecretary of DPÖ Ödül Muhtaroğlu, the aim of the questionnaires is; “setting out the structure of the labour market in TRNC, economic activity, occupation, position at work and working hours of those who are employed, unemployed person’s job-search time and the occupation which is looked for and so on.”

A law for keeping ‘records of passengers’

Greek Ministry of Justice and Transparency presented a resolution to Aircraftthe Greek Parliament about the passengers who use airlines envisaging to keep records of passengers in spite of being rejected by the European Parliament.

The Greek Cypriot newspaper Haravgi published in a news item under the title :“Records of Passengers will be kept in spite of  being rejected by the European Parliament” that according to the European instruction,  airline companies have to give the information of passengers who travel within the EU borders, to the member states of the European Union. The newspaper stated that, the member states started this research in order to analyze and save this information with the purpose of clarifying terrorist actions and serious crimes.

They don’t know to whom the title deeds were given

It is indicated that the Greek Cypriot administration does not know to whom the title deeds were given. Title deeds were distributed to Glafcos CleridesGreek Cypriot “immigrants” in a hurry by the Greek Cypriot Administration at the period of Glafkos Klerides before the election in 1997-1998 and among those there were also Turkish Cypriot properties.

Fileleftheros newspaper gave the news under the title “they don’t know to whom they gave the title deeds… title deeds were given in 1997, but files were lost.”

According to the news, so called title deeds were given to “immigrants” who had the right of building their own houses, but digital recording was not done since they were distributed in a hurry.

2 Turkish brothers were assaulted and kidnapped by 8 Greek Cypriots in Pile

While Şahin Koçero (M-31) and his brother Süleyman Koçero (M-30) were at a betting office, firstly they were assaulted and then kidnapped to the Greek side by 8 unknown  Greek Cypriot men.

According to the police press statement, the 2 Turkish brothers who were assaulted and kidnapped to the Greek side were taken to Larnaca Police Directorate and were interrogated and later they were set free.

1st Environment Workshop by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

1st Environment Workshop organized by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources started yesterday. The workshop which will continue all day and end with a press release to be read following the preparation of draft report.

Representatives of some Environmental organizations who participated in the workshop unfurled a banner saying “No to nuclear”.

It is expected that the 1st Environment Workshop will produce sustainable solutions for the environmental problems faced in the TRNC.

Four companies to participate in “Bosnia-Herzegovina 6th Turkish Products Fair”

Four Turkish Cypriot companies in the organization of Turkish Cypriot 6th Turkish Produce Fair in BosniaChamber of Industry (TCCI) will participate in the “Bosnia-Herzegovina 6th Turkish Products Fair” organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry. According to the information announced by TCCI, the fair has been opened today in the capital Sarajevo and the opening of the fair was made by President of Istanbul Chamber of Industry İbrahim Çağlar.

Mainly food companies will have stands in the fair.  The companies Con Trading Ltd., Koop Süt, M.Hacı Ali Ltd. and Vento Trading (Girne Con) Ltd from TRNC will participate in the fair.

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