December 1, 2022

Rotary International and

Shelterbox Relief  Fund for Nepal

By Chris Elliott…… 

We have receievd the following message Donate to Nepal through Shelterboxfrom Amanda Fiora of the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman about a relief fund being organised by Shelterbox which is a project partner of Rotary International.

“Hi Chris

If any of your readers are looking for a way to contribute to relieving the dire situation in Nepal after the devastating earthquake, you might like to suggest donating to ‘Shelterbox’.

‘Shelterbox’ are a recognised Rotary International Project Partner, rotaryand they specialise in helping individuals with their basic and immediate needs after any disaster.

Our Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman has donated 3 Shelter boxes to this disaster, and is now receiving further donations from members and friends to contribute more.

One Shelterbox costs 590 GBP (approx 2400tl) and contains:

  • Tent designed to survive high winds and extreme weather
  • Thermal Blankets and thermal groundsheets
  • Durable strong plastic box
  • Mosquito net
  • Stove
  • Water containers and water purification equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Tool kit including hammer, nails, and saw
  • Children’s activity pack
  • Solar charged lamp

For more information about Rotary International project partner ‘Shelterbox , please click here   Shelterbox welcome all donations via secure online card payment.”

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