Macaron Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Alsancak

Macaron Cafe Bar and Restaurant

New in Alsancak

By Margaret Sheard….

On the 11th April there was a grand opening of the new Macaron Cafe Bar and Restaurant in Alsancak and we went along to join many other people who had arrived to check out this new venture.   As there were so many people keeping everyone busy we made arrangements with one of the owners, Linda Fraim, to call again when there would be time to talk quietly about the new restaurant and the team who were to be running it.

The following week we again went to Macaron during the day, and how lovely it looked with seating and dining on the outside terrace and inside everything set up to welcome their guests.  When we arrived Linda was busy making pasta so we sat outside while she finished off before having an opportunity to find out a little about the 4 members of the team who have joined together in this venture.

The building has been totally refurbished and as well as the outside terrace and bar there is a cafe/bar area inside on the lower floor and an a la carte restaurant and bar on the upper floor, all very tastefully laid out and welcoming.  The menus for the cafe/bar and a la carte restaurant will be available to view on their website which is currently under construction http://www.macaronalsancak.com.  For those people with a sweet tooth, Linda makes lovely little fairy cakes and macaroons which are very colourful and on display in the cafe area.

The Macaron will be open 7 days a week from 10am until whatever time the last customer departs.  The cafe/bar area will be serving pasta dishes, mezes, salads etc. and the restaurant on the upper floor will have an a la carte menu.   Each area – outside terrace, cafe and restaurant has its own bar area.   Starting on May 15th with Traditional Cyprus Nights, Macaron will be having entertainment nights ranging from jazz/lounge music to country and contemporary varieties that you can enjoy whilst dining. Also during the summer season, they are planning to start a weekly “Dinner and a Movie” events for those who like to drink, dine, and watch something along the side. There is also WiFi available for those who may wish to sit quietly with their laptops, tablets or Smartphones.

Although we haven’t yet had an opportunity of having a meal at Macaron we will be sure to sample their excellent menu when time permits.

We always feel it is nice to know something about the people behind a business venture and in this case 3 of the team are ex-Le Chateau Lambousa staff who, with Linda, decided to set up on their own and eventually found a suitable location to start a restaurant in Alsancak.

Nalan Linda Fraim

Linda has a Turkish mother and American father.  She was born in Turkey and spent a lot of her life between Turkey Linda Fraimand America where she studied psychology, got her master’s degree in marriage & family therapy and PhD in health psychology. She came to the TRNC in 2006 to do her dissertation research in the field of young breast cancer and other medical conditions.  After returning to Turkey and then America, she completed her PhD and graduated in 2009.  Linda opened a clinic in Istanbul and also taught at a University and after 3 years she decided to return to North Cyprus where she joined GAU as an Assistant Professor but resigned at the beginning of March.   A decision was made to drop out of college at one point of her life and Linda acted as a tour guide for 6 years which gave her the opportunity of travelling to different countries during that time and gave her an insight into the field of tourism. While growing up in Turkey, Linda’s step father owned a restaurant and she somewhat “grew up” in the restaurant’s kitchen.

During her time in Turkey Linda met Metin Ozbek who is now her fiancée and they have been together for almost 6 years.  Metin is also part of the team.

Metin Ozbek

Metin was born in Ankara, Turkey.  His father was a Military Metin OzbekAttaché and in the 1980’s the family spent some years in Italy which has given Metin a very European outlook.  Metin graduated from university in tourism management and he has since followed this career with large hotel groups such as the Marriott and the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul. He joined the staff of Le Chateau Lambousa as the Front of House Supervisor when the hotel opened in 2014 and during our frequent visits to the hotel we always found Metin very welcoming and charming.

Emrullah Karabacak

Emrullah Karabacak

Emrullah was born in Akşehir, Turkey.  During his early years he went to the UK to join his brother, a Barber, in Aberdeen, Scotland, and he worked as a Sous Chef for a number of years at the Treetops Hilton.  He later worked in Antalya in 7 star hotels and then joined the kitchen team at the Cratos Premium Hotel North Cyprus as Chef.  Finally, Emrullah joined the opening staff of Le Chateau Lambousa as their Head Chef when the hotel opened in 2014.


Ece Gultay

Ece was also part of the initial Le Chateau Lambousa team in the role of Housekeeping Manager.  She was born in

Ece Gultay

Kyrenia and still lives in the same area.  Ece has been associated with the hotel and tourism field as well as public relations for some 15 years and has previously worked at Jasmine Court and The Malpas amongst others in the TRNC. Ece took care of the interior design and color selection of Macaron.  Ece said her main function at Macaron will be to meet and greet customers and ensure they are well looked after but as a team they will be working together and will do everything which needs to be done to make the restaurant a successful venue.

We are showing below 2 slideshows below – one of the opening night and one which shows the restaurant as it will be seen by customers visiting to enjoy a nice meal or a drink.

Opening Night – 11th April 2015

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The Macaron Cafe Bar and Restaurant – Open, ready for business.

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