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TRNC News Today 16th April 2015

Olgun is holding high level official contacts in Germany

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun, is in Germany and holding high level official contacts. Olgun made statements about his contacts by participating in the ‘Günün Özeti’ program by phone. Olgun met with Germany’s Minister for Europe Michael Roth in Berlin and said that they discussed the Cyprus negotiation process.

Ergun Olgun imageOlgun indicated that during the meeting he indicated to Roth, the Turkish Cypriot side’s determination oriented towards a bi-communal and bi-zonal solution and is based on political equality. Olgun also indicated that he received support from the German Minister.

Olgun expressed that Germany strongly supports the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide, and expressed that for not closing the window of opportunities for a comprehensive solution Roth will put as much contribution as he can.

Olgun said that they received confirmation from Germany about doing whatever they can for catching the target solution put in forth in Cyprus.

Within the framework of Berlin contacts Olgun expressed that he also met with the authorities of the Greens and in this meeting they discussed the possibilities of investment in TRNC.

Olgun also stated that in the period ahead they will invite Turkish Cypriot investors who are living in Germany to the country.

After completing his contacts negotiator Olgun is expected to return to the island tomorrow.

Sennaroğlu: “There is no mad cow disease in cattle in our country”

Food, Agriculture and Energy Minister Önder Sennaroğlu expressed that there is no “mad cow” disease in cattle in Önder Sennaroğluthe country and asked the people not to worry. Sennaroğlu stated that the patients who were preliminary diagnosed with “mad cow”, may have consumed any of the products of the countries where the disease has been seen in previous years.

Minister of Agriculture Önder Sennaroğlu made a written statement after two patients being diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob (mad cow) disease at Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital and one of the patients has passed away.

Rüya Taner will give a concert in Bulgaria

Pianist Rüya Taner will give a concert at Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and Ruya Tanerin Plovdiv accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra.

According to the statement made Rüya Taner will give her first concert accompanied by Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and managed by Yugoslav chief Dejan Savic at Bulgaria Concert Hall.

For her second concert she will go to Plovdiv on 18th of April and rehearse with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra and will perform under the direction of Chief Lirano Tartino on April 22 at the Plovdiv State Opera Concert Hall.

At the concert RüyaTaner will perform Mozart’s most popular Piano Concerto in C major named “Elvira Madigan” since 1967.

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