December 3, 2022

And Charlie the parrot makes 3 for

KAR Pet Travel!


By Kim Betts……
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Back in October 2014 KAR Pet Travel arranged for Dave and Julie to import their 2 cats into TRNC. They decided that, for them, the best travel option was for the cats to fly from UK into Ercan with Turkish Airlines as accompanied pets. The 2 cats (and their humans !) were met, at Ercan, by me and the customs and vet clearance was completed following which the cats (and their humans !) were free to go to their new home in Kayalar. Because all of their entry (and exit UK) paperwork was in order, and their new home was deemed suitable, the cats were subject to a 1 month “home quarantine” period which is far preferable to any quarantine at the state facility .

Cleo and Domino

Although Dave and Julie were delighted to be at the start of their new life in the TRNC it was also tinged with sadness as they had had to leave behind their beloved (albeit grumpy !) 18 year old double gold head Amazon green parrot  called Charlie. They, and KAR Pet Travel, hoped that Charlie would be reunited with them in the not too distant future.

The issues surrounding bringing pet birds into the TRNC are not huge but owners need to be made very aware that if their pet bird is a type listed on the CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)  register then it would be impossible for them to be relocated back to the UK/EU and/or many other countries. The reason for this is that the TRNC does not have any authority to issue the correct CITES export paperwork and is not one of thCharlie the Parrote voluntary signed countries to the CITES agreement.

It is also necessary for CITES checks and certificates to be completed before an export from the UK can be agreed.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species in the wild, and it accords varying degrees of protection to more than 5’600 species of birds and animals and over 30,000 plants.

Dave and Julie decided that they had no intention of relocating away from the TRNC and began the process of arranging for Charlie’s UK export (and CITES) paperwork to be issued. Meanwhile KAR Pet Travel were liaising with them, and agents, regarding the best route to bring Charlie in and also Welcome to Northern Cyprus for Charliefor the issuing of his Import Licence. It was decided that Charlie should also come into Ercan with Turkish Airlines as an “accompanied pet” so Dave decided to return to the UK to collect him.

On Wednesday the 18th March,  on behalf of (KAR Pet Travel), I arrived at Ercan ready to meet Charlie and Dave. The customs officials were their usual jolly and helpful selves and one of them even went out to the aircraft to ensure that Charlie was off loaded quickly and carefully. It didn’t take long before Charlie (who was quite vocal) was personally presented to me, in the arrival hall, much to the interest of the passengers waiting for their luggage.

Dave arrived in the arrivals hall a little while later and whilst he was being reunited with his luggage the customs officials and I began the Ercan import arrival paperwork and waited for the TRNC Government vet to arrive to check Charlie and his paperwork prior toA new home for Charlie release. During the ensuing wait Charlie attracted much attention and there were lots of discussions about birds and parrots and it transpired that the customs and ground staff at Ercan had between them a fair experience of owning and caring for birds. Throughout it all Charlie strutted along his perch, watched with his beady eyes and grumbled – he just wanted to go home.

Finally everything was completed and Charlie (and Dave) were released to go home. Ercan resounded with calls of “Bye bye Charlie”. After a long tiring journey a happy Dave and Charlie were ready to be picked up and taken home to be re united as a family with Julie, Cleo and Domino.

Home for Charlie is now a brand new deluxe bird house in the lovely Kayalar.





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