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TRNC News Today 27th March 2015

Bozkir: “To solve Cyprus problem is easier than to solve the issue of Syria and the crisis in Ukraine”

Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkir, during a visit to Rome, said “to solve Cyprus problem is easier than to Volkan Bozkırsolve the issue of Syria and the crisis in Ukraine” in the seminar themed ‘Turkey in Europe. Difficulties and Opportunities’ organized by a major think tank organization in Italy, International Relations Institute (IAI).

Stating that Turkey considers the Cyprus problem and EU membership as twin brothers, Bozkir said “Because both of them have a 50 year-old history. They grow together. Turkey is overzealous to solve this problem. There are some parameters that both sides agreed before. For this reason, to solve the Cyprus problem is easier than to solve the issue of Syria and the crisis in Ukraine. It is saddening to see that the capital of the island is divided with a wall in the 25th anniversary of collapse of Berlin Wall”.

Reminding that a positive atmosphere for a solution was reached with the Annan plan in 2004, Bozkir added “If we solve the Cyprus problem, it will be an example for the other crisis.”

Bozkir stated that Turkey is the closest mainland to Cyprus and underlined that the natural resources around Cyprus belong to the island.

Concerning the relations with Greece, Minister Bozkir stated that Greece with a high welfare will be for the benefit of Turkey.

Soylu: “Turkey supports restarting of the Cyprus negotiations immediately”

Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council, TRNC Geneva Representative Ayda Soylu indicated that Turkey supports restarting of the Cyprus negotiations immediately and its finalization.UN Human Rights Council logo

Stating that the UN’s report on human rights in Cyprus does not address the isolations and human rights violation imposed upon the TRNC by the Greek Cypriot administration, Soylu pointed out that at the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, it is said that Turkish Cypriots’ human rights were infringed deeply because of the lack of a solution on the island. Soylu added:

“Increasing discrimination and violence against the TRNC citizens, violent attacks against Turkish and Muslim monuments, refusing arbitrarily the social rights of TRNC citizens, discrimination at crossings by denying freedom of religion and travel are included in this report. Turkey supports restarting of the Cyprus negotiations immediately and its finalization”.

Finally Soylu said “We hope the desire of the TRNC for a final solution of the Cyprus issue without preconditions will match with the same desire of the other side.”

UK still discusses agreement between Russia-South Cyprus

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that conservative members addressed questions about initiatives between UK Foreign and Cyprus and Russian flagCommonwealth Office and Greek Cypriot Foreign Affairs Ministry regarding the agreement signed between Russia and South Cyprus. According to the news, in his written statement, UK’s Minister Responsible for European Affairs David Lidington stressed strong relations between the UK and South Cyprus reminding that both countries make regular and official negotiations on the issues of defence and security.

Lidington also stated that they discussed this issue during Greek Cypriot Minister Yoannis Kasulidis’ last visit to London and they will continue to make initiatives on the issue.

Atasoy: “Unjust embargoes should be lifted”

Chairman of Confederation of Turkish Industrialist Businessmen and Businesswomen, Nezaket Emine Atasoy Nezaket Emine Atasoy 3indicated that unjust embargoes imposed on the TRNC still continue and made a call for lifting the isolations.

Stressing that Islamic countries should support the Turkish Cypriot people’s just case, Atasoy said “As Muslim countries, we should struggle for lifting unjust embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people. We ask the international community to do whatever is necessary for lifting the isolations and to convince the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiation table as soon as possible”.

Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Council held contacts in Washington

A delegation from Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Council held contacts in the US capital, Washington.

HellimThe delegation visited New York parliamentarian of the US Congress Nita Lowey in her office. During the meeting, a letter was given to Lowey regarding hellim registration.

The delegation also realized negotiations with President of Turki American Chamber of Commerce in order to make an agreement in the US similar to the agreement made by TİAK with Confederation of New Europeans Business world in Brussels to promote the TRNC and to offer new job opportunities to Turkish Cypriot businessmen.

Tulip Festival in Avtepe

“11th Avtepe Tulip Festival” is going to be held on 29 TulipsMarch, Sunday with the organization of Yenierenköy Municipality, Avtepe Mukhtar and the festival committee. Folk dances, poem concerts and concerts of the country’s famous singers will be performed in the festival. This year, Association of Cypriot Songs and bi-communal chorus will give concerts as well. Turkish Cypriot handicrafts and traditional foods will be exhibited in various stands and will be offered for sale.

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