EU Information Centre organizes a panel themed “Women and Leadership”

EU Information Centre organizes a panel

themed  “Women and Leadership”


A panel themed “Women and Leadership” organized by the new European Union Information Centre We can do itand financed by the European Union was held in Lefkoşa Merit Hotel yesterday (19th March 2015).

Speaking at the opening of the panel, head of Unit Task Force Turkish Cypriot community Alessandra Viezzer stated that the panel is the first activity of the new EU Information Centre. Viezzer pointed out that the new EU Information Centre will operate within the framework of the Financial Aid Program for the Turkish Cypriot community and it aims to inform Turkish Cypriots concerning the EU and to get the Turkish Cypriots closer to the EU.

Stating that women should exist in every field of socio-economic life, Viezzer pointed out that this can be achieved by providing communal gender equality. Adding that the EU is the pioneer of communal gender equality, Viezzer noted that founding treaties of the EU prevent any discrimination. Viezzer said that besides this, women do not have enough representation in the position of managers of the EU bodies and added that action should be taken in order to increase this number.

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