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TRNC News Today 19th March 2015

Eide: “A very clear gesture of goodwill”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, in his statement to Havadis Newspaper, described the Barbaros Barbaros shipship leaving Famagusta port despite NAVTEX as “a very clear gesture of goodwill”. Eide indicated that Navtex’s duration will expire on 6th of April and a new publication is not expected after that.

Eide noted after 6 April, either the two leaders or himself on behalf of the two leaders will make a statement regarding resumption of negotiations.

Eide: “we aim a fast process because, as I have experienced, a slow process doesn’t take us anywhere, by discussing all important topics even if we cannot completely resolve all, we aim to get significant progress”

Furthermore, Eide said the negotiations will start with Governance and Power Sharing issue and the issues related to connecting dimension of property and territory issues.

Eide called civil society to encourage leaders for agreement

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide called civil society on both sides of Cyprus to encourage their leaders for an agreement. Eide said “Don’t forget that theEspen Barth Eide future of Cyprus is in your hands. This shouldn’t be just in the hands of elected leaders”.

Eide and the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Cyprus Lisa Buttenheim hosted a reception yesterday towards civil society and gave speeches about representation of women.

Eide stated that the talks that were cut off from the last half of the past year will restart again in a short time, in the future while history is being written, this crisis will be evaluated as a necessary crisis for returning to actual negotiations. Expressing that both leaders are willing to restart the negotiations Eide said “The purpose to solve the Cyprus problem is for future generations. We worked on it together with my team and we saw there is not even a single issue which cannot be resolved. I have seen people killing each other in other parts of the world. I thought on how to solve such problems, however here I don’t have that sense, and everyone knows how the problem will be solved”. (Kıbrıs newspaper)

Nobel Energy company is ready to sell natural gas from Aphrodite bed

Greek Cypriot Minister of Energy Yorgos Lakkotripis announced that Gas Platformthe Greek Cypriot side is moving from the phase of investigation of hydrocarbon deposits to the stage of development and commercial operation phase of hydrocarbon deposits.

Lakkotripis conveyed Noble Energy’s Senior Vice President and  responsible for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Keith Elliot’s statement after meeting with Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades at the Presidential Palace yesterday.  Company officials were informed about the statement that will be made in the following weeks regarding the Aphrodite bed being commercially profitable and the development plan of the Aphrodite bed.

Lakkotripis said these two events are very important for South Cyprus, because as a country we are moving from investigation of hydrocarbon stage to the development of hydrocarbons and commercially operating stage for the first time. Indicating that there is a long way to sign trade agreements, Lakkotripis said however submission of a development plan and making a statement on the Aphrodite bed being commercially profitable will be undoubtedly a step forward for South Cyprus.

Turkish Ambassador to Berlin – Karslıoğlu, visited North Cyprus stand at CEBIT fair

Turkish Ambassador to Berlin – Hüseyin Avni Karslıoğlu, visited the North Cyprus stand at the Cebit 2015 International Technology fair which took place at Germany’s Hanover city. According to a statement from the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of industry, Ambassador Karslıoğlu said TRNC firms attending the fair was the right decision and pointed out that the information sector is not affected by the embargoes.Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Board member and President of the Association of Informatics Nihat Yılmaz in his speech, while thanking the ambassador for his visit, stated his satisfaction about the attention of Turkish businessmen paid to the North Cyprus stand. While pointing out that the information sector is not affected by the political situation in Cyprus, Yılmaz stated that North Cyprus should participate more in these kinds of activities. Serious potential arising from TRNC universities can be a comparative advantage in accordance to other countries with similar products at CEBIT fair. Furthermore, Yılmaz added “Our firms can learn easily what kind of products to offer and how to offer to visitors coming from over 100 countries by attending this kind of fair constantly”.

Deputy Prime Minister Denktaş attends MITT 2015 Tourism Fair

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture Serdar Denktas 3and Sports Serdar Denktaş is attending “MITT 2015 Tourism Fair” which started yesterday in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Denktaş has gone to Moscow to attend the fair where the TRNC is being represented. Tour operators, travel agencies, airline companies, tourism technology companies, press members and many visitors are attending the fair.

Some brochures, maps, museum brochures, DVD’s promoting North Cyprus in the Russian language are being distributed to the visitors.

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