January 29, 2023

Visit to the TRNC Ministry of

Economy, Tourism, Culture and


By Margaret Sheard….

We are always conscious of the need to promote the TRNC in any way we can with the many aspects of life in North Cyprus and, as well as bringing to our pages many events for charities and also history Sahap Asikoglu 2and the art and cultural scene, we want to introduce to people worldwide the beauty and charm of this area of the island of Cyprus.

We were recently invited to the TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry to meet with Şahap Aşıkoğlu, the Undersecretary of the TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy Tourism Culture and Sports to establish if we could be of assistance through our website to provide information from the Ministry, to our worldwide readership. Şahap Bey gave some of his valuable time to speak to us and, as a result of the meeting, we hope to be able to bring more information of North Cyprus to our readers in the future through the good offices of the Ministry.  We would like to thank the Undersecretary, Şahap Aşıkoğlu, for his time and Pembe Kanatlı to whom we were introduced by Mustafa Köprűlű who had arranged the meeting for us.

We are now including links to the Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy Tourism Culture and Sports, as well as other Ministry Offices on our website to promote the TRNC.  These appear at the bottom of all pages of our website and by clicking the icons the relevant Ministry website can be accessed for information.




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