The offices of the Ministry of Tourism, North Cyprus

The splendid offices of the

Ministry of Tourism

By Margaret Sheard….

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the offices of the Ministry of Tourism Offices - Ministry of Tourismwhich was arranged by Mustafa Köprűlű, who made us very welcome, and whilst we were waiting to see the Undersecretary, he told us a little about the building which now houses the Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy Tourism Culture and Sports and he spent time with us telling us of the history of the building.

The offices were built in 1938 and are of a lovely yellow stone, built around a courtyard. The buildings were used as Turkish Islamic High School, later as a secondary school then a military camp  and finally as Bayraktar Türk Maarif College before becoming the offices of the Ministry of Tourism. Mustafa told us that his father actually attended the school there and although he wanted to go to London to continue his studies it was not felt necessary by his father and mother and he eventually enrolled in Customs and Excise.

It was interesting to hear that Mustafa’s mother’s family home is adjacent to the tourism offices and he showed us the building which was originally a 4-bedroomed house. The house was sold to the Department of Antiquities and it is being restored.  When we were leaving we were lucky enough to be able to go inside part of this building which surrounds a small courtyard and has been very tastefully restored.