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Trevor’s Tips – March 2015

Sharing News

By Trevor Hughes……

Adding an Additional Name onto your Vehicle Log Book

There are amendments to the process of adding a name onto a vehicle log book. The cost is now calculated on the vehicle TRNC registration date.

For vehicles registered here less than five [5] years, the cost is TRNC Vehicle Log Book335TL, for vehicles between six [6] to ten [10] years is 200TL and finally, cars over ten [10] years is 135TL [the cost is calculated on the date of registration here, not the age of the car].

Before going to the office in Lefkosa, you will need to obtain a TR2 form. This must be completed and counter-signed by your local Mukhtar, taking with you both passports and a copy of your sales agreement/Kocan, proving you live in his area.

Both of you will need to take the completed form to the office in Lefkosa, as well as both of your passports and copies of the photo page of your passports. You must make your application within three weeks from the date on the TR2 form, any longer means you will need to repeat the exercise all over again.

It goes to show how much time, cost and money you can save if you have both names entered on the log book when making your purchase!!

Dagli Sigorta has a supply of TR2 forms at their Lambousa Saturday Market stall, if you wish to avoid two trips to Lefkosa.

Importation of Coal

The importation of coal from Bulgaria is coming to our shores. The rate at which trees are being cut down for burning in log burners cannot continue at its current rate. So coal maybe the answer!! It is not going to be cheap and prices look like being somewhere around 25TL for 25 kilo’s, but don’t quote me, as this is purely hearsay at the moment.

Passport application via Cafe Boss and DHL

To renew your passport without going to the UK, you must apply for a renewal on line. You can then send your old passport and the signed application form to the UK. Remember, your signature must not go out of the signature box, or your application could be declined. YourDHL Express for passports signature must also be in black ink, and no other colour. Send your completed application form and photographs, [if necessary] by DHL via Cafe Boss. DHL will either contact you for home delivery, or, if requested, from Cafe Boss.

Remember you must have at least six months left on your passport to comply with living here, or if you intend to visit Turkey. You can make your passport application before it expires and have up to nine months added to your new one. Always request the return of your old passport, especially if you have temporary residency stamps in it.

 A few important points when completing your application:

The country is Cyprus
Enter your home address, not your Post Box
Use your TRNC Post Code ( Girne 99300, Lefkosa 99010, Famagusta 99450

Please click here for a passport application check sheet courtesy of Cafe Boss

Child Car Seats

The time will soon be upon us when family and friends descend upon us for their summer visit. If they bring young children/babies with them, just as in the UK, Childs Car seatthe use of child seats in cars is Law.

If you drive a car with young babies/minors inside, they must be seated in an approved child/booster seat. Dagli Sigorta have approved seats for hire, which are completely stripped down for safety checking and the fabric covering removed and washed in a washing machine after every use. This will ensure their cleanliness, safety and hygiene.

Already reservations for these safety seats are far out stripping last year’s demand. To avoid disappointment, be quick and reserve your seat[s] and ensure you have the cleanest of seats for those little horrors, by calling 0533 844 3403. Prices are only 5TL per day.


Gone are the days when we could go out for the day and leave our property wide open here and no one would dream of stealing our belongings. We now need to take responsiBurglar Billbility for ensuring we protect our properties against theft and take all necessary steps in fitting suitable security devices.

Over the last few months there has been a wave of house burglaries, in which televisions [over 500 in one week alone], small household items and cash has been stolen.

The police are struggling at the moment trying to keep pace with the volume, but nonetheless doing a superb job and to my knowledge have arrested at least two [2] of the culprits. The targets are mostly from premises being left empty over the winter months. It’s easy to spot vacant premises, making them easy targets for this low life.

Some Tell Tale Signs:

  • Overgrown/unkept gardens
  • Flaking paint work on woodwork and outside walls.
  • A hire car with a red number plate. Thieves quickly spot these and in all probability you are only here temporarily and you may have cash in the house during your stay.
  • Buildings in isolated areas.
  • Water/electricity bills left in our meters.
  • Papers and circulars faded by the sun and left wedged in our railings/gates.
  • Swimming pools not being cared for, or empty of water.
  • Shutters closed.
  • Curtains being permanently shut.
  • Never a light switched on at night.

 Some Measures you Can Take to thwart the would-be thief:

  • Have window locks fitted, even on the smallest of windows.
  • Keep Ladders locked away.
  • Fit a high grade front door lock, the ones your builder fitted are low grade and easily forced open, or broken off altogether.
  • Install motion sensitive lights.cct camera poster
  • Ornate steel grills fitted to each window. If not to every window at least to the downstairs windows.
  • If your bedroom doors have “turnkey” locks fitted, which most of them have, lock the door from the hall/landing side. If the thief breaks through your bedroom window they just might give up because the door opens into the bedroom and using force to pull the door open will result in the handle being ripped off and the door remaining locked.
  • Consider putting your electrical items away in a lockable cupboard before you leave for the UK.

Thieves are opportunists, they dislike time, light, security devices and noise. Think about taking some or all of the above suggestions, they may deter the “would be” thief and leave your treasured belongings alone for you to enjoy and use!!!!!

Remember, if the Police Authorities report that in their opinion there are no signs of forced entry, your insurance company will not meet your burglary claim.

Many insurance companies suspend your house insurance here if your property is not occupied for three months or more at a time, check to see if your preferred insurance company reserves this right!

British Summer TimeSunshine

British Summer Time begins on Sunday, March 29 at 0100 am when clocks go forwards by one hour.

Wheel Chair Donation

For several months now, Dagli Sigorta has been collecting plastic bottle tops in order to obtain a wheel chair for those who need to use one. Well you all stepped up to the “plate” and kept them coming. Week after week you made enough collections to obtain TWO of the chairs. Dagli Sigorta was overwhelmed with the enormous effort that has gone into such a venture.

It goes to show; when the expats are asked to do something for charity you push all the boundaries further out than anyone else.

The two chairs where handed over to TULIPS and The British Residents’ Society [BRS] at the Merit Royal Hotel in Alsancak. In attendance were Novber Dagli [Company Director] Sue Tilt, Carole King and Engin Savim [ProjeDagli Sigorta donation picture 1ct Co-Ordinator] from Tulips, David Brown [chairman] representing the BRS. Unfortunately McKenzie Freeland aged 10 years old, who on her own made the biggest single collection, could not attend due to school commitments.

As a mark of gratitude Mr Engin Savim from Tulips, presented Novber with a handmade silk embroidered plaque which was hand made by volunteers who have suffered from the ravages of cancer themselves.

On behalf of Dagli Sigorta, a most sincere and overwhelming thank you for all your efforts over the last few months.

If you wish to continue collecting these tops, Pembe at Citizens Advice Cyprus in Karakum is collecting them for the same reason.

Mothering Sunday

Don’t forget that Sunday 15th March is Mothering Sunday, RemMothersday flowersember it was she who brought you into this world and it is she who has always supported you when you most needed it. Contact her and tell her how much you appreciate and love her. You will only have one natural mother in your life time.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

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