TRNC News Today 12th February 2015 – Denktas: South Cyprus supervision of Halloumi doesn’t reflect reality

TRNC News Today 12th February 2015

Denktaş: “Statement as the authority for supervision of halloumi will belong to South Cyprus does not reflect the reality”

TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Serdar DenktasCulture and Sports – Serdar Denktaş stated that the Greek Cypriot Agriculture Minister’s explanation as the authority for the supervision of halloumi will belong to South Cyprus and that South Cyprus will also supervise the Turkish Cypriots, does not reflect the reality.

In his written statement regarding this issue, Serdar Denktaş recorded that their government made effective efforts on finding a common solution in the EU’s process of halloumi’s geographical registration which will also include Turkish Cypriots.

Bülent Arınç makes contacts in TRNC

Today, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister – Bülent Arınç is visiting  the Bulent ArincTRNC in order to make several contacts and participate in the ground-breaking ceremony of the new terminal building and the runway of Ercan Airport.

Arınç will be received by President Dervis Eroğlu and then the Speaker of the TRNC Assembly Sibel Siber and Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu. After accomplishing his contacts Arınç will depart for Ankara at 21.05 tomorrow.

MP’s and party leaders are tax dodgers

After the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Finance released the statement on income tax debts of 50 natural people and legal entities, it has been clear that there are 13 MPs and party leaders among them and declaration of their names is being asked. PointingBurglar-eurosout that there are 13 tax dodger MPs and party leaders, the Southern Cyprus Citizens Alliance demanded the list of names to be submitted. In the statement of the Citizens Alliance it has been highlighted that tax dodger people and companies names are exposed, however, the same name list is disguised when it comprises the names of MPs and party leaders.

On the other hand, Greek Cypriot Newspaper Fileleftheros stated that there are 308 Greek or South Cyprus Citizen businessmen, companies and offshore companies who are customers of HSBC Switzerland Branch on the Lagarde List and 574 million Euros in the HSBC Switzerland Branch are related to South Cyprus.

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