February 5, 2023

St Andrew’s Church visit Kizilay

(Red Crescent ) Head Office


Over the past weeks, St. Andrew’s Church Kyrenia has been acting as a collection point for donations of warm clothRev Wendy Hough with donations smling and bedding for refugees in Turkey from Syria. So far a total of 7 car loads have been generously given from people all over the North of Cyprus.

Kizilay (the Red Crescent)  is shipping them to Turkey. We are still welcoming donations, with a particular emphasis on clothes and toys for children. Rev. Wendy Hough says: “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the response. Groups from various villages have formed knitting circles producRed Crescenting lovingly made children’s clothes and others have bought small pairs of clothes or hats, and colouring books and crayons.

Thanks to all who have given so far, please keep them coming. The church is open every day, anything deposited there is collected by church members and driven over to Ledra Palace crossing where Kizilay has its head quarters”.

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