June 27, 2022

Creditwest North Cyprus Cricket League


 An all Cyprus league with North and South Cyprus teams is also planned.

On the 6th February 2015 the TRNC Cricket Association announced the fixture details of the Creditwest North Cyprus League starting in March.

It will be the exciting T20 format with 2 games being played on the same day. Each one lasting 3 hours with the first starting at 10am and the afternoon game 1.30pm.

The League will be exclusively for North Cyprus teams, forming an important part of the Association’s efforts to develop cricket north of the border. Captain Danish Afridi talking to the players of the Girne Cricket Club imageOrganising committee Chairman Nigel Holman said, “We deliberately only invited 6 teams, chosen from those who had either played friendlies or were involved with the Memorial Festival just after Christmas and have shown themselves to be of a good standard”. He added that “in future years, it’s expected more teams will be involved once the Association has acquired its 2nd artificial pitch”.

Cyprusscene.com caught up with the much fancied Girne team whilst training this week and asked, “who were the teams to look out for”. Captain Danish Afridi backing his own side said “so long as our missing players return from Pakistan in time we have a formidable bowling attack and must have a really good chance”. Fast bowler Janwali agreed but added, Cyprus All Stars have strength in depth and could be a serious force. Whilst Shahzad and Tad Haigh both liked the look of the Famagusta Warriors who had done well during several practice games.

TRNC Cricket Association’s communications manager Ian Fell, focused on the draw and was pleased the stronger teams were not in the same league, saying “it should produce 2 great semi-finals at the end of April and an outstanding final on 10th May”.


League A: Cyprus All Stars,  Famagusta Warriors,  Cyprus Lions
League B: Near East University, Girne, Taşkınköy
Date Team Team Game Number Time
15.03.15 Cyprus All Stars     Famagusta Warriors 1 10.00
Near East University Girne 2 13.30
29.03.15 Cyprus Lions Cyprus All Stars 3 10.00
Taşkınköy Girne 4 13.30
12.04.15 Near East University Taşkınköy 5 10.00
Famagusta Warriors Cyprus Lions 6 13.30
26.04.15 Winner League A Runner-Up League B 7 11.00
Winner League B Runner-Up League A 8 14.30
10.05.15 3rd Placed League A 3rd Placed League B 9 11.00
Final 10 14.30

The TRNC Cricket Association will arrange grounds in the Girne area which will be announced once the local authority confirms the venues.

The Association also recently revealed its plans for further ahead in 2015. Creditwest have already confirmed their sponsorship for all the season’s games which following the North Cyprus league there will be the 1st ‘International’ against the Republic of Cyprus on 24th May. Next a 6 over/side weekend Festival on 6/7th June and finally between September and November an All Cyprus 30 over league with both North & South Cyprus teams.

For further information go to the club website click here and Facebook page click here or contact: Nigel Holman 0533 8248999 or email nigel@nigelholman.com


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  1. hey i would love to play cricket for your cricket club im a left-hand batsman,medium fast left arm,please can you put me in the club games

    1. Hi Miguel if you live in Northern Cypruss (Your message seemes to come via Reykjavik) then you have a chance of playing so we suggest if that is the case you go and watch the next match this Sunday and ask the team managers who will be there.

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