August 19, 2022

Donation to Tulips

In Memory of Bill Tutty

The funeral of Bill Tutty was held on Wednesday 28th January at Lapta Cemetery.  Bill had died on Saturday 24th January.  The family had asked for Tulips to attend with a donation box.

Bill Tutty - Photo courtesy of Keith Lloyd
Bill Tutty – Photo courtesy of Keith Lloyd

Bill’s wife, Trish, and sons, Sean and Mark, had asked for donations to Tulips in lieu of flowers.  Keith Lloyd was the celebrant at the ceremony.

Tulips had helped Sean’s wife, Sue, a couple of years ago when she was undergoing cancer treatment. Sue sadly died after returning to the UK for palliative care. Sean and Sue used to run the restaurant at Club Ilgaz.

We would like to thank all who donated to raise the sum of 635TL in memory of Bill.

Carole and Sue


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