TRNC News Today 27th January 2015 – Eide: “I am cautiously optimistic for resumption of negotiations”

TRNC News Today 27th January 2015

Eide: “I am cautiously optimistic for resumption of negotiations”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus – Espen Barth Eide said that he is cautiously optimistic regarding overcoming the Espen Barth Eidedifficulties of the negotiation process and the resumption of negotiations.

UN Security Council evaluated the latest situation in Cyprus. At the meeting Espen Barth Eide and the UN Secretary General`s Special Representative in Cyprus, Lisa Buttenheim informed the members of the Council.  Eide said the Security Council has confirmed it stands behind them in efforts to reach a settlement, adding that they felt very encouraged. Adding that there is still a deadlock between the sides for the resumption of negotiations, Eide said “It seems that hydrocarbon issue started to give harm to both sides in Cyprus. Both sides have sincere will to overcome this problem”.

Furthermore, Eide expressed that both sides should take steps to overcome the difficulties. As an answer to the question of Greek journalists regarding which side was responsible for the deadlock, Eide said “It is not meaningful to blame any side. Finding out a way for the resumption of negotiations is the most important thing.”

Replying to another question as: “Why don’t you blame the Turkish Cypriots who occupied Cyprus?”,  Eide said : “This is related to your understanding of history. We should not concentrate on the past but concentrate on how to solve the issue in the future”.

Çavuşoğlu: “We wish resumption of negotiations and speeding up the process”

Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey – Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said “We want Mevlüt Çavuşoğluto work together with Greece to take the necessary steps for the resumption of negotiations in Cyprus and also to speed up the process and to decrease the tension”.

Underlining that they want to overcome the deadlock experienced by the Greek Cypriot side’s leaving the negotiation table, and to cooperate in natural gas and petrol drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean with Greece, Çavuşoğlu said “Greece has an important role in the issue”.


Reaction of Greek Cypriots to UK’s support to Direct Trade Regulation

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that the UK supports the Direct Trade Regulation and makes backstage studies European Union logoin order to improve the regulation and that the provisions which were accepted by the Greek Cypriot Administration at the time of Papadopulos in 2007 for the British people and have not been applied can be reconsidered.

Furthermore, Fileleftheros noted that the Head of the EU Commission Unit Task Force for the Turkish Cypriots – Michaela Di Bucci and its members played an important role in the insertion of the expression as ‘lifting of the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots’ in the UNFICYP report and this also caused the reaction of the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Hellim belongs to all Cypriots

Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Council (KTIAK) held contacts in Hellim imageAmsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague within the framework of its Europe tour. The delegation emphasized during the contacts that hellim (halloumi) is the product of all Cypriots.

President of KTIK – İlker Züğürt and 12 businessmen visited the Young Businessmen’s Federation of Holland in Amsterdam.

President of KTIK Züğürt gave the following information:

“In the bilateral meetings with the European-Turkish Business Confederation (UNITEE), they declared that they want to see us as an observer member. We accepted with pleasure. We are in Europe for this purpose. Our target is to make contacts with the politicians in Brussels as a non-governmental organization and to prove that prevention of the businessmen from trading freely is immoral and contrary to human rights”.

Environment Ministry starts the program for struggling against marine pollution

A training program concerning the ‘struggle against the pollution caused by oil and other harmful substances’ Marine Pollutionorganized by Environment and Natural Resources Ministry has started.

TRNC Environment and Natural Resources Minister – Hakan Dinçyürek who started the training program stated that the training is the first step in struggling against the sea and similar pollutions.

The training program started according to the protocol signed between the Ministry and a company, is conducted for the purpose of ensuring maritime safety and prevention of sea pollution in the TRNC and the coast facilities.

Source:  TRNC Public Information Office