January 30, 2023

Barry Snakes on Vox Pop

VOX POP tête-à-tête


Barry Snakes


By Engin Dervişağa…..

With new ideas and new themes in mind I visited the Zeytinlik home of Barry Snakes the well known guitarist in North Cyprus who also has been a Engin Dervisaga talks to Barry Snakesmentor to so many up and coming young musicians.

Barry took me into his studio where he records his music and also where he has coached young musicians from groups such as The Foreign Nationals, The Renegades and Snakebite  and what an experience it was for our film crew and myself.

My interview with  Barry Snakes together with some of his great music will be screened on  Sunday 25th January at 13.30am and it will be repeated on Wednesday 28th January at 11.00am so do tune in to join me on  my show, Vox Pop on BRT2 Television.

For Radio Lovers do also tune in and join me on BRT Radio on Saturday  at 19.00pm for my programme Top Twenty which is compiled by DJ Bora and this show is repeated on Sunday at 15.00pm. We are transmitting this on 6.150 MH/z. Short-wave, 87.8 and 105 FM Stereo or tune in to http://www.brtk.net .

To go direct to BRT 2 TV to watch these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time go to http://www.brtk.net  and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here



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