Important Information about Help Those With Cancer Association / Tulips

Important Information 

about Help Those With Cancer Association / Tulips

By Ralph Kratzer

Tulips logo englishWe write a lot about the charity Help Those With Cancer Association / Tulips. Personally, I first got in touch with the founder Raziye Kocaismail by a visit to her home village Akincilar – “the hidden village” (to remember click here!). Meanwhile, I also know Raziyes tireless “comrades-in-arms” Carole King and Sue Tilt who come up with a lot of ideas every year in order to raise necessary funds for the association.

To date Tulips is known by many expatriots in Northern Cyprus, but who of them exactly understand what and how much this important association is doing to help cancer patients and their families?

I am therefore pleased to publish the following email, I received from Carole and Sue, on our website:

Hi Ralph,

We are writing to you in your capacity as representative of the TFR [The Foreign Residents in the TRNC] and wishing to enlist your help with the following.

To this date, there are still many members of the expat community who seem to have very little or no understanding of how Help Those With Cancer Association/Tulips can actually help cancer patients. Therefore we have enclosed a 2-page leaflet that aims to provide that information to anyone who has been diagnosed with or already are experiencing cancer in the TRNC, or who knows of someone who is.

The first page is all about giving you information about a support system that we have put in place for expats within the TRNC and what that provides. The second page is about our fund-raising and volunteering, basically what you can do to help us help you….

We are hoping that you would be able to email your current membership with this leaflet, either just the support page or both if you are willing, so that we can spread the message to as many people as possible about what Tulips can provide.

We think it is really important to let people know what is available to them, especially when they are living in a foreign country where language and knowledge is limited.

Thank you for your time and sincerely hope you will support us in this initiative.

Best wishes

Carole and Sue

Cancer information leaflet- Jan 2015 P1Cancer information leaflet - Jan 2015 P2