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Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman – End of Year Dinner

Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman

End of Year Dinner

By Margaret Sheard….

What a lovely occasion at The Dome Hotel in Girne, for the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman – End of Year Dinner where the members of Rotary Chairman, Malcolm MitchesonRotary greeted us and the Chairman, Malcolm Mitcheson, showed us to our table, which was beautifully laid out.  We were soon joined by Mike and Brenda Plant of Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services, in company with Derek Rogers and Val Gregory, and Malcolm and Amanda Fiori eventually joined us as well.

I soon learned that we were to be entertained by Andrew Sings….. which was an added bonus as we did not know Andrew and Glen were to be there and we are always pleased to see them performing their great music.

We also spotted Gökhan Gökberk who is a wonderful photographer and is part of the UMUT (Hope) Orchestra.   He was there with his mother and he was pleased to tell us that an amount of 4,000TL had been presented to Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) the previous day by the Rotaracts which is the branch of Rotary for the younger generation.   I made a note to follow this up later in the evening.

The meal was buffet style and we soon started to look at the wonderful selection of food laid out, there was soup, a meze type salad choice, hot food with a variety of different choices and a lovely dessert selection.   We were very spoiled for choice.

Following the meal came the raffle which had the Raffle crackeringenious theme of a numbered cracker for the amount of tickets you wished to purchase, so we all had the added fun of pulling the crackers as well and relating all the silly jokes you find in them.   There were some lovely raffle prizes and I am sure everyone who had a winning cracker were delighted.

While all this was happening Andrew had started his performance and was singing some easy listening songs while we were all Time to danceenjoying our meal and later in the evening the tempo warmed up  and people took to the floor for dancing.

I tracked down the members of Rotaract Club of Girne Liman and spoke to Özkan Ĭbrahimer who is the President of the Rotaract Club of Girne Liman and he said how pleased they had been to donate the amount of 4,000TL to Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) the previous day.    I also met Şengűl Göksu who is a new l-r Özkan Ĭbrahimer, Şengűl Göksu, Malcolm Mitchesonmember of Rotaract Club of Girne Liman, recently returning to North Cyprus following studying at the University of Southampton in England, and she is now living in Nicosia where she is working.   They are such nice young people who are doing a great job in helping others less fortunate and they will eventually progress to the Rotary Club as members.

It was a lovely evening and we hope to be able to bring more news of both the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in the future.

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