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Trevor’s Tips – January 2015

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By Trevor Hughes


You may have read recently, that two men in their late 20s/30s are knocking on doors asking if any neighbour’s property is up for rental. This is a scam, because when a vacant property is ideburglarntified, it becomes a target for the thieves. If someone knocks on your door asking for rental property in the area, phone and report the matter to the police [155].The sooner the police catch these men the sooner we can leave our properties without fear of someone breaking in and stealing your possessions.

Dagli Sigorta has needed to attend two burglaries in the last month and processed the claims accordingly. With the permission of each customer, Dagli Sigorta has had window locks fitted to vulnerable windows [forced entry points] making their properties much more secure.

Justice at Last

I needed to attend a road traffic offence the other day, when a lorry, coming from the opposite direction collided with the stationary vehicle waiting and indicating to turn right.

The father of the driver [the son] did not want the police to be called and offered to pay for the repair. Beware, there is a reason local people do not want the police called, it is usually because the vehicle should not be on the road. Some insurance companies will not processTRNC Police badge a claim unless there is an official police report submitted with it.

The police were called and found the driver had no MOT, Road Tax, and no Insurance. The driver’s father told the police that he would pay for the repair, which he subsequently refused. The matter was reported to the police the following Saturday, who in turn telephoned the person and informed him that if he did not hand over 2500TL to the appointed garage they would immediately arrest and prosecute him. The following Monday he gave the full amount to the appointed garage. Result!!! How many other insurance companies would go to this length to get justice for their customers, well done Dagli Sigorta.

I would also like to thank the police for their fair action and Tony of Tiga Motors, for without his help the matter would not have been concluded as quickly as it was.

So our customer is not inconvenienced, Dagli Sigorta will provide a courtesy car during the period of time the car is off the road and being repaired.

Fifty Lira Forgeries

Be aware, there are some 50TL forged bank notes [as confirmed by one of the Banks] in circulation.

These notes are very well produced, but can be identified by a narrowing50TL margin on the bottom of the note. If in any doubt, refuse to be given the note and ask for the 50TL value to be given to you with an alternative denomination 2 x 20TL notes and a 10TL, for example.

Those of you who wish to view a forged note; I have one in my possession and will take it to our Lambousa Saturday Market stall.

Third Party Insurance

There are some people living here in the TRNC who choose to have third party insurance as their preference and decide to ignore the full comprehensive option, even though they are driving an expensive vehicle. These people seem to know better, because of their experience in the UK. Well, this is not the UK it is the TRNC. Third party insurance makes you legal and that’s about all. There is no fire and theft for example and your insurance company is limited in the amount they pay out if you are the guilty party in a road traffic accident.

If you take a look at your third party policy, the maximum they will pay to the innocent party is 50,000 TL, which equates to roughly £14000 at today’s rate of exchange. If the repair cost exceeds this figure you, the guilty party, will have to meet any shortfall, which could result in you being many thousands of ££££s out of pocket and no car of your own. A full comprehensive policy takes this worry away for you.

Copy Vehicle Documents

I have had the need to attend three road traffic accidents this month. Each of our customers had copies of all their car related documents, including a copy of tTRNC Vehicle Log Bookheir passport in the car. The Police Authorities accepted the copied documents and processed their accident reports accordingly.

Two of our customers were required to take their originals to the police the following day so the police could take copies for themselves [thus avoiding copies being altered]. So please, only carry car documents that are copied, as these are accepted by the police and could avoid the cost of replacing lost or stolen originals at some time in the future.

Bayram Holidays

On 01.01.15 is when Government, Local Government, Banks, petrol stations and some shops will be closed for the day. On Wednesday all the above offices will again be closed for the afternoon on 31.01.14 in preparation for the New Year.

MOT Dates for 2015

M O T Dates for 2015



Trevor Hughes


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