September 28, 2022

TRNC News Today 29th December 2014

AYH President Kaya sends letter to EU Commission regarding Hellim

President of Bright Future Movement (AYH) Anıl Kaya, asked the EU not to leave the position of Turkish Cypriots to the initiative of Greek HellimCypriots during the process of the geographical registration of ‘Hellim’ and ‘Halloumi’

In the letter he sent to the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, Kaya asked the EU Commission regarding the registration of  ‘Hellim’ and ‘Halloumi’ which has economic, social and cultural dimensions, to work with a balanced and ‘win-win’ mentality in understanding the sensitivity of Turkish Cypriots.

TRNC President Eroğlu: “We hope that Mr. Anastasiades will follow an approach appropriate to the aim of the partnership determined in the joint statement”

TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that statements of the leader of Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiades, as  “I will never accept those who try to eliminate the ‘Republic Dervis Eroglu - Picture by BRTof Cyprus’ to be a partner of the state”, are “contrary to the spirit of the partnership and are highly desperate and worrisome” and said “We hope that Anastasiades gives up this wrong attitude as soon as possible and follows an approach appropriate to the aim of the partnership determined in the joint statement”.

In the written statement made yesterday by President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, it was stated:

“At a stage that the comprehensive solution negotiations come to the give-and-take phase and that the efforts for re-starting the negotiation process which stopped because of the withdrawal of Anastasiades from the negotiating table are expected to give results, the statements of the Greek Cypriot leader are highly desperate and worrisome.

With these statements, Mr. Anastasiades comes into conflict with the spirit of the partnership we try to form and come to an agreement on this issue and he behaves against the joint statement dated 11 February 2014 that we undertook and declared together.

We want to remind as a historical fact that the ‘Republic of Cyprus’ which is mentioned by Mr. Anastasiades who refers that we, as Turkish Cypriot side, try to eliminate, was actually destroyed by themselves in 1963 by attacking Turkish Cypriots and the following massacres and coup and also by excluding the Turkish Cypriot partners from all government organs.

GAU takes place among the best 100 universities identified by EDUNIVERSAL

French association EDUNIVERSAL which is one of the prominent GAU logo smlhigher education accreditation bodies in the EU, placed GAU in the list of the best master programs of the 2014-15 academic year.

According to the statement made by GAU, GAU is the only Turkish university among the ‘universities giving the best 100 master programs in the World’ in the ranking made by EDUNIVERSAL.  In the ranking of best master programs in the World, ‘Construction Management’ master program at GAU Faculty of Architecture, Design and fine Arts has been placed in the list of 100 best master programs in the World by EDUNIVERSAL.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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