August 19, 2022

Merry Christmas to Mustard and

family from all at KAR

By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Mustard is waiting to go to a new “forever home”  image
Mustard is waiting to go to a new “forever home”

Many people will recall the tragic news that a dog – Coco –  one of 2  dogs that were due to go together to a new “forever home” in the UK had mysteriously vanished following a break  in at our Rescue Centre.

An extract from an email from Sara …I called yesterday from the UK when I heard the news about Coco. We are all absolutely devastated. We have been preparing for the dogs arrival and have bought all provisions including their id discs, baskets etc. We have even featured in the local newspapers. The newspaper is also covering the arrival of Coco and Mustard in December. ……… As a family we love this dog so much, and cannot bear the thought of not seeing her again. I have three boys who are inconsolable with grief. “

Then only a couple of weeks ago it seemed as if Mustard and Coco imagethe other dog – Mustard – was also targeted but happily he wasn’t taken. As you can imagine the dogs new family were devastated by Coco’s disappearance. They had to contend with the fact that their other beloved chosen dog, Mustard, was at risk. The final 2 weeks of waiting for Mustard to fly to the UK were harrowing times for all concerned even though Mustard had been moved to a new kennel in the Centre.

Tuesday Dec 16th was departure day for Mustard and at 17.00 he was all packed and ready to go!!

The wording in Italics are extracts of correspondence between Kim at KAR Pet Travel and Sara who was waiting anxiously in the UK…..

“Hi Kim I hope that Mustard is well. We are just bursting Mustard was all packed and ready to go!! imagewith excitement right now. He has so many treats to welcome him and the whole family are waiting to meet him. I have just started work with a homeless shelter…..  Mustard is going to be my therapy dog for use in animal assisted therapy. He may even become a mascot, considering his homeless past. Either way he is going to have a happy life 🙂 …………. Mustard is going to be my right hand man. My heart is still so sore for having lost Coco. If she is found I will arrange to have her sent to me, meanwhile I am delighted to have my boy coming home….”

Mustard arrived at Heathrow, as scheduled, on Wednesday 17th and throughout his journey Kim kept Sara informed about the travel process and flight status. A few hours after his arrival the UK agent contacted Sara to let her know that she could collect him from the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.

“ I am in floods of tears … I am so excited and emotional about collecting him… thank you so much for making this possible… we have waited so long for our boy… so close now… sending love and thanks 

Sara and family “

Mustard will now be spending time relaxing and getting to know his new family members but we will update his life story here when we have news.

In the meantime, whilst it is a happy ending for Mustard, this tale is tinged with sadness. Coco is still missing and we are always looking for her as we would love to unite her with Mustard, Sara and family.

If anyone sees Coco (photo below) please contact the KAR office on 0533 8694098 or – To read the previous article about Coco please click here

Coco is still missing

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