February 6, 2023

Ziyamet Ozel Egitim Okul

Fundraising Event 

By Margaret Sheard…. 

We were recently invited to attend a fundraising event for the Ziyamet Ozel Egitim Okul, which is a special needs school in the Karpaz Drinks and nibbles at Carol's house 1area.  There are many people raising funds for children in North Cyprus but sometimes the more remote areas get forgotten so we thought it was a lovely idea of Carol Blackwell-Gibbs to do something for this school.

Carol & James Gibbs of Gazi Sokak, Yayla, Alsancak have organised a Christmas get together for their neighbours for several years. Carol could not remember exactly how many but probably 8/9 years!  A collection is always made for a local charity.

We popped along to enjoy some Christmas cheer and talked to several of the guests, who were enjoying warm At Tervetoloa Restaurantmulled wine and canapés, all of which were home-made, by Carol. They looked and tasted very delicious.

Although it had rained heavily during the day, it was a dry evening and the event was well attended. After a couple of hours everyone went to the Tervetuloa Restaurant and enjoyed as always, a superb meal. A few more people joined the crowd and the charity bucket went amongst the tables again.

Carol enjoying the eveningThis year around 400TL was donated which will be given to the Ziyamet Ozel Egitim Okul, the special needs school in the Karpaz region.

Asked if she would be organising another event next Christmas? Carol replied, “Gosh, this is an annual event now, we must keep it going. When James & I built our house, we were almost the only house in the middle of a vegetable field. Now we have houses all around and neighbours, some we have never met. This event is an open invitation to anyone living around here. It is a great way to meet the neighbours”.

Carol will be presenting the cheque as soon as she has time to travel to the Karpaz which hopefully will be before Christmas.

Well done Carol and James and all of the people who contributed, I am sure the children at the school will be very grateful and appreciative of this kind gesture.


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