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Presentation to Tulips from Bellapais Lodge of Freemasons‏

Presentation to Tulips from

 Bellapais Lodge of Freemasons 

By Carole King and Sue Tilt…

Sue and I received a phone call in the week to ask us to attend the Freemasons event at the Colony Hotel on Saturday night.  The reason being was that The Bellapais Lodge of the Freemasons had decided to make a donation to Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association and they wanted to present us with the money on the night.Tulips logo english

The Worshipful Master Peter Austin made the presentation of 5,000TL and in return we presented the Freemasons with a handcrafted plaque on behalf of the Association.

It was an amazing gesture and one that the Association appreciates enormously.  These kinds of donations are invaluable to keeping the Association running on a month by month basis.  We can only thank everyone there for their wonderful generosity.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA