TRNC News Today 5th December 2014

Eroğlu: “I think Anastasiades will return to the negotiation table”

President Derviş Eroğlu said “Unless the Greek Cypriot leader Dervis erogluAnastasiades returns to the negotiation table, we won’t be able to reach a solution, that is why I think Anastasiades will eventually return to the negotiation table.”

President Eroğlu said that people are out of patience due to the negotiations which have not resulted in a solution for so long. Eroğlu added  that Turkish Cypriots struggled so  much until they established the TRNC, and still spend efforts for solving the Cyprus problem and aim to create a peaceful and secure atmosphere for the next generations.

However, President Eroğlu added  that Turkish Cypriots are now  faced with a counterpart  who left the negotiation table.

Greek Cypriots got alarmed by Putin’s remarks

It was reported that the Greek Cypriot side is alarmed by the remarks of Russian President Vladimir Putin made in Turkey. Vladimir PutinReportedly Putin said “Russian companies that wish to make  business in  South Cyprus should know that in case of a crisis and danger, they will be responsible to manage it. Moscow is not involved in any activity within or around South Cyprus regarding natural gas”.

It was stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration demanded an explanation from Russia on this issue and contacts were held between the two sides yesterday.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office