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CESV follow the North Cyprus Pumas RFC

CESV follow the North Cyprus Pumas RFC


By Claire Lamb                

Saturday 25th October saw the first rugby fixture of the season taking place at Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa.

It wasn’t so much a game of two halves but three games of two halves!  The Pumas played Near East University CESV follow the TRNC Pumas RFC imageTigers (NEUT) in a series of fast paced, exciting games.  The event started with a one minute silence in memory of Ilkay Demirtaş then it was action stations!

Game one and two had 11 players instead of the usual 15 and played for 10 minutes each way.  Match one was a hard fought draw of 4 tries each team.  Luckily this match passed without incident and the 12 strong CESV team attending – including 2 new members and our 2 youngest members, Joshua Seear and Timur Mehmet – were able to enjoy the game.  Match two ended in victory to the Pumas at 4 tries to 1.  Unfortunately this game wasn’t incident free and gave our team members a run for their money.  After dealing with a bad case of cramp our members skills were called upon when one of the NEUT team dislocated his shoulder.  He was padded up and made as comfortable as possible before being placed onto a spine board, secured and carried off the pitch to applause from both sides for his bravery.

The game continued whilst we waited for an ambulance to arrive from the CESV follow the TRNC Pumas RFC (6) imagenearby Gazimagusa state hospital.  Other fairly minor injuries occurred during the rest of the game and were attended to be the CESV as the heat and tiredness began to tell on the players.

Match three started with a mix up of both teams as various injuries ensured players were left on the sidelines.  Each team was made up of 15 players with both Pumas and NEUT team members playing on both sides.

Confused?  We were!  The final score for this match was 3 tries to the red shirts to 1 try for the white shirts!  Unfortunately two of our members missed the last section of the game as one of the players was suffering from severe cramps in both legs.  Despite our members working flat out the cramps re-occurred meaning the player was going to need hospital treatment as we are not qualified to give any form of medication.  Once again the player was made as comfortable as possible and strapped to a spine board and removed from the pitch so the game could continue.  At this point there was some deliberation as to the best way of transporting the patient.  It was decided that the spine board CESV follow the TRNC Pumas RFC (8) imageshould be secured in the back of our 4 wheel drive vehicle as the casualty could not stand or sit and taken the short drive to the hospital.  One of our members sat in the back to help keep the patient calm and keep him up to date with what was happening.  On arrival at the hospital the previous casualty was patched up and waiting outside to be picked up – he did look a bit bemused to see a pair of feet belonging to a team mate on the tail board of our car!  We went with our patient into the hospital explaining in detail to the doctor what had happened and the time sequence.  After medication had been administered we checked everything was OK then headed back to check out the final score and update the other CESV members.  All in all an exciting day with 3 great matches and some practise for CESV members.

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If you would like to come and meet our team please join us on Monday 3rd November at St Andrews church hall, Girne where you will be guaranteed a fun night learning how to use every day items in cases of injury! See you there!

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  1. A big THANK YOU from both the PUMAS and the TIGERS teams to all involved with the CESV members who carried out the first aid on Saturday. A couple of hospital ‘admissions’ briefly who travelled home on the team bus and hopefully all recovered now. Again thanks from the PUMAS RFC Committee