February 6, 2023


Tulips – Cryptic Car Treasure



By Carole King and Sue Tilt….

On Sunday 5th October, the Cryptic Car Treasure Hunt was started off by our very own BRT Radio Angel, Denise Phillips, who very kindly 1st, 2nd with Denise Phillipsturned up to ring the brass bell to start the event going.

It was a lovely day and the participants thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of our Cryptic Car Treasure Hunt. Everyone said that the clues were challenging but not really difficult and they had fun finding the venues to match the clues.

There were a few minor hiccups when we were receiving calls from participants telling us that the stickers had been pinched from Ian Smiths bag, the bag at Gardens of Babel had been ripped off the gate and King Pin Bowling had hidden theirs under the The winnerscounter!! But it all helped to add to the fun and the spirit of the day….

First team home was the team ‘Four and A Bit’, the participants were Mervyn and Marilyn Walker, Tab, Natalie and Francesca Haigh, and they came home in 2 hours and 14 minutes with all 15 clues solved and all stickers in place. Well done to them and they received a Travel Bag and a bottle of Pink Bubbly for their efforts.

Second home were the “Neighbours”, consisting of Patrick Bland and Angela Bland, David Cobbold and Irene Cobbold in a time of 2 hours and 36 minutes with only one blank space on their 2nd and 3rdsheet. Well done to them too and their prize was a set of Digital Scales and also a bottle of Pink Bubbly.

Apart from thanking the participants and Denise, we must thank the proprietors of the Coffee Shop at Bariş Park, who opened up for us during their Bayram holiday.

We would like to let you know that we will not be saying how much each event for Pink October raised individually as we wish to have one total at the end of the month. We really believe that every Kuruş counts and whether an event raises hundreds, thousands or just a few TL, each one is very important to us and we want everyone to feel important in the overall total we raise during Pink October.

Carole and Sue




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