February 6, 2023

Kyrenia Animal Rescue  meet the

Girne and Alsancak Mayors


Following a series of meetings between KAR and Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, proposals were put forward by KAR for the control of the dogs on the streets in Girne. In a meeting on Friday 19th Sept with Mayor Nidai Güngördü, Naile Margaret Ray Chair of Kyrenia Animal RescueSoyel (Girne Belediyesi Health Dept) Margaret Ray and Maggie Smith from KAR the proposals were discussed and new guidelines issued. These guidelines included better communication between KAR and the Belediyesi regarding problem dogs, newly arrived dogs, public complaints and concerns, control of the number of Tag dogs around the town, public awareness and advice regarding the control of owned dogs, the importance of the Neuter and Return Programme.

KAR advised that a plan of low cost neutering should be implemented and the public should be educated about the importance of having their dog neutered. We have been advised that the Government Veterinary Department are discussing how such a plan can be established.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that there are members of the public that like to see the dogs on the streets of Girne and another group who are against the dogs. It is essential to find a happy medium.

Further meetings will be ongoing where future long term plans will continue to be discussed and also how Girne Belediyesi can help KAR to fulfill this commitment.

On Tuesday 23rd Sept KAR Margaret Ray, Maggie Smith and KAR Community Kar logoWarden met with Alsancak Mayor Firat Ataser.  Mayor Firat talked about the problems with the street dogs in the Alsancak area and KAR pointed out that they have been collecting dogs and neutering cats for well over 10 years in that area. Mayor Firat was given a copy of the Girne Proposed Solutions for the Street Dog Problem and it was explained that KAR would be happy to work out a similar proposal for Alsancak. He said that he was happy to work with KAR and would visit the rescue centre at Beşparmak and the Veterinary facilities at Karakum to learn more about KAR’s work.

It was recognised by everyone at the meeting that there was still more further discussions needed but everyone was positive that KAR and Alsancak would be able to work together to help solve the street dog problem.

To read the Proposed Solutions for the Street Dog Problem received from KAR, please click here

To read the Long Term Plan received from KAR, please click here.

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